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Amazon Prime Video launches localized streaming services for the top three markets in Southeast Asia — Indonesia, Thailand, and The Philippines



Amazon Prime Video launches localized streaming services for the top three markets in Southeast Asia — Indonesia Thailand and The Philippines

Amazon Prime Video today launched localized versions of its streaming service in Southeast Asia’s greatest markets — Indonesia, Thailand, and The Philippines. The organization is endeavoring to support its subscriber base in the three markets by expanding its investment in neighborhood creation, releasing unique slates for every territory, and giving clients extraordinary offers like seven-day free trials and discounts.

Amazon Prime Video has announced its most memorable slate of Southeast Asian neighborhood language originals, including a trio of situational comedy improv shows, Comedy Island, across Indonesia, Thailand, and the Philippines, and projects from local talents including Joko Anwar, Kamila Andini, and Banjong Pisanthanakun.

The trio of comedy shows – Comedy Island: Indonesia, Comedy Island: Thailand, and Comedy Island: Philippines – all include popular comedians and different celebrities being abandoned on a heaven island and are supposed to begin streaming in 2023.

“We’re delighted to be increasing our investment in Prime Video for customers in Southeast Asia, making it a truly localized experience — from local content specifically sourced for our customers to a localized user experience and the first full-scale local marketing campaign,” Josh McIvor, director of International Expansion, Prime Video, said in an official statement. “Our support of local production companies in Southeast Asia is a significant step toward our broader international expansion plans and our ambition to become the most local of global streaming services.”

Amazon Prime Video launched in Southeast Asia in 2016, yet the versions of the service accessible in the region have never featured the neighborhood language interfaces, subtitling, and unique substance offerings that are normal in additional created markets.

To advance the new offerings, Amazon Prime Video is presenting free one-week trials and promotional subscription costs that last until December 2023 as a part of its relaunch endeavors in Indonesia, Thailand, and The Philippines. The discounted subscriptions will cost 59,000 Indonesian rupiah ($3.98), 149 Thai baht ($4.10), and 149 Philippine pesos ($2.69).

“Southeast Asia is a tapestry of cultures, languages and histories, and there has truly never been a better time to be a content creator or a content consumer in this part of the world,” said Erika North, head of Asia-Pacific Originals, Prime Video. “We are committed to the local TV and film industry and believe in working with the most innovative creative talent in the region to bring the very best, most authentic and local storytelling to life for our customers not only in the region but also Prime Video members around the world. This is just the start.”

Firsts coming to the platform incorporate three versions of a new situational comedy improv show ”Comedy Island.” The new nearby first” Comedy Island: Indonesia,” “Comedy Island: Thailand” and “Comedy Island: Philippines” will each have eight comedians and celebrities partaking in comedic challenges and games. Each of the three versions will launch on Prime Video in over 240 countries and territories across the globe in 2023.

Indonesian substance offerings incorporate two films, “Siege At Thorn High” and “4 Seasons In Java,” plus other Indonesian titles like a local version of the Italian hit “Perfect Strangers,” “Ashiap Man” and horror film “Kuntilanak 3.”

Thai titles coming to the nearby service incorporate “Three Idiots and a Ghost,” “Metal Casket,” “The 100,” “The Up Rank,” “My True Friends: The Beginning” and “How To Fake It In Bangkok.”

Filipino substance goes from comedy-drama “Big Night” to romance “How To Love Mr. Heartless” and “Whether The Weather Is Fine.”

Viewers will likewise gain access to Korean offerings like “Nothing Serious,” “Toy Soldiers: Fake Men 2 The Complete,” along with popular anime titles “Demon Slayer” and “Jujutsu Kaisen 0.”

There will be other global titles like the recently released film “Thirteen Lives,” starring Colin Farrell and Viggo Mortensen, the Hollywood blockbuster “No Time to Die,” global Amazon Originals like “The Boys,” “The Terminal List,” “The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power” and licensed U.S. series “The Good Doctor.”

U.S.- based streaming services, for example, Paramount+ and Disney+ have as of late expanded into additional countries and territories and furthermore put resources into international substance to diversify their offerings and boost subscriptions.

In June, Paramount+ launched in South Korea in a partnership with TVING. The streamer plans for 150 international originals by 2025. Disney+ had its MENA launch (the Middle East and North Africa) two months prior and expects to extend to 160+ countries by its fiscal 2023.

In Thailand, the comedians should escape from a mysterious scientist who is attempting to reprogram them; in Indonesia, they’re forced to partake in bizarre, playing games to entertain the nearby occupants; and in the Philippines, they’re trapped on a lost island that has reappeared and is competing for the life-changing prize. Indonesia’s Base Entertainment is producing the Indonesian and Filipino versions, while Liminal Productions is creating the Thai version.

Amazon has likewise begun developing a slate of other nearby language originals, including two Indonesian films- Siege At Thorn High, directed by Anwar (Satan’s Slaves) and produced by Come and See Pictures, and 4 Seasons In Java, created by Four Color Films and written by Andini (Before, Now and Then).

Thai projects being developed incorporate Three Idiots And A Ghost, a film based on the novel by Sal Kim and published by Wattpad with Jungka Bangkok producing; scripted series Metal Casket from writer/director Banjong (Pee Mak), as well as How To Fake It In Bangkok, from Halo Productions with Ananda Everingham executive producing.

The originals will be upheld by nearby language-authorized content including Perfect Strangers, the Indonesian version of the Italian hit, which launches October 17; Ashiap Man, directed by Atta Halilintar (November 14) and horror movie Kuntilanak 3, directed by Rizal Mantovani and starring Julie Estelle (October 10).

The Thai slate incorporates pandemic thriller The 100 (December 12), coming-of-age thriller The Up Rank, starring Krit Jeerapattananuwong (November 14), and action drama My True Friends: The Beginning, starring Ryu Vachirawich and Nak Charlie Trairat, which starts streaming today (August 1).

Content from the Philippines incorporates comedy-drama Big Night, starring Christian Bables and directed by Jun Lana, which also streams from today; romance How To Love Mr. Heartless, starring Sue Ramirez (August 15), and surreal drama Whether The Weather Is Fine, starring Daniel Padilla (October 10).

Amazon is additionally launching neighborhood estimating and marketing campaigns across the three territories, upheld by stars including Iqbaal Ramadhan, Chicco Kurniawan, and Kiky Saputri in Indonesia, Mario Maurer in Thailand, and Anne Curtis in the Philippines. Nearby evaluation is around $4 a month in Indonesia and Thailand (IDR59,000 and THB149) and $3 a month in the Philippines (PHP149), following a seven-day free trial.

The local offering will likewise incorporate Korean, Japanese, and English-language films and series, including Korean romantic film Nothing Serious and hit Japanese animation Demon Slayer, which both stream from today, and Ron Howard’s Thai cave rescue film, Thirteen Lives, which streams from August 5.

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