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An Interview with The Founders of Digital Prosperity Movement – The Training Platform That’s Enabling People to Turn Their Social Media Into an Income



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Meet Tom Chell, Adam Gateley, & Lillebeth Dawson. Digital Entrepreneurs from across the UK with a passion for educating and enabling people to live a life they truly love.

Combined, they’ve got almost 10 years experience in the digital space, and have gone from strength to strength since coming together to build an educational platform to share the skills and knowledge that they use daily to live lives that to most – seem a fantasy.

But just over 3 years ago, they all worked standard jobs, didn’t know each other, and hadn’t even thought about the possibility of becoming entrepreneurs.

So how did the Digital Prosperity Movement come to life?

In this exclusive interview with Tom, Lille, and Adam, I dive deep into how they came together to create a platform that is exploding all over social media, and changing lives daily for those looking to start earning in the online space.

Here is the interview:

Digital Prosperity Movement – where did it all start?

Tom: It’s honestly been quite an adventure getting to this point. I mean I probably shouldn’t start this question off because I wasn’t even present when the journey began.

Lille: So, back in 2017 myself and Adam were completely new to the online space. Just two kids, unhappy with how they were living their lives, looking for ways to break free from the lives they felt stuck in. We started our journey within a week of each other and then about 6 months later I met Tom.

Adam: Looking back to the early days it’s hard to believe we’re being interviewed today. Honestly, I don’t think we really had the foggiest what we were doing. We just got some basic training and were set free on the world. But through persistence and drive it worked out.

Tom: Then I came in like a wrecking ball, skeptical as they come. I could see these two – thick as thieves – seeing success and creating true freedom in their lives. But to me, I hate to say it, it just seemed too good to be true. But I think this is the reason why we’re so strong of a platform now; These two had to deal with me, I had to deal with myself, and through valuing my dream over the possibility of nothing changing – here we are today.

Adam: Between then and the start of DPM, we’ve all seen success, helped people learn how to earn from social media and done a fair bit of travelling.

Tom: DPM was born from a place of pure selflessness. 14 of us came together to create a platform and service we would want to be a part of. A place where everything is done to benefit the least experienced member, a place where nobody is better than anyone, and a place where every ounce of information is given away for free.

Lille: Obviously, not all of the founders could be here today due to scheduling conflicts, but we really wouldn’t be here without our combined effort and the genuine care for helping people we all share. So a quick shoutout to those guys, they know who they are.

Adam: I think that’s it really. It all began because we wanted to give more. And it was a taxing process to create the platform. 14 of us working 18 hour days for the best part of a month, to launch a platform ready for a brand new freedom seeker to dive into.

Did you know the platform would explode as it did?

Adam: We hoped it would, and we believed with every ounce that we would grow as a platform.

Tom: If I’m honest I was terrified that nobody would come. But at the same time I knew people would. I 1000% believe in what we do, and I think that is what draws people to the platform – they know we care.

Lille: We knew the potential of the platform, and we knew it could have a massive impact on thousands of lives. But never did I imagine it would be thousands of lives in just a few months from launch day.

Adam: It’s crazy how quickly it’s blown up.

Tom: It excites me. Knowing the positive impact we’re having on people’s lives. Gets me out of bed in the morning.

How do you feel about the people saying that what you guys do is fake, unattainable, ‘a scam’ etc.?

Lille: I feel sad, but not because of the comments. I feel sad because those people are just limiting themselves from what could be a life changing opportunity for them. But it’s the same with everything in life. Nobody gives it a go, they just form an opinion and hold onto that.

Tom: For me, honestly, I welcome those people to come join the platform and give it a go for themselves because I can almost guarantee 99% of them haven’t even tuned in to our free training, let alone jumped into the platform.

Adam: It drives me to make what we do better and better. To get more results for our existing members, and for all future members. The proof is in the pudding, as they say. What we do works, and it works for everyone willing to follow our training and dive into a new way of living.

Tom: I also like to offer this counter argument… Why on earth would we offer the platform for so little (the platform is offered at a one time £77 investment) if we didn’t genuinely want to help people? Why would we offer a 14 day money back guarantee? And finally… Go ask any of our 2700+ members (at time of interview) what their experience has been like, see what they say.

What was the hardest thing personally when founding DPM?

Lille: Building the platform itself. We had to learn so many new skills, master them, and implement them in such a short space of time. At times it felt impossible, overwhelming, and like it was never going to be finished.

Tom: Could we do it? Could we actually run a platform. Lead our students to success and continue to offer value and grow for years to come. It’s really silly looking back because I tell people all the time, just do it and figure it out as you go.

Adam: Getting the message across to people how real we are, and how much we genuinely want to help people. In the online space there are people out there that are only looking to make a ‘quick-buck’. But that’s not us. How could we get this across to people in a way that was authentic and real?

What is the future of the Digital Prosperity Movement platform?

Lille: An environment where people aren’t just starting and growing businesses online. A place where people can grow in all facets of their life.

Business, Finance, Mindset, Health, Overcoming Limiting Beliefs, etc. Helping people really master life. Something so much more than online business.

Adam: An alternative to the standard life path that society currently expects. I want people to be able to feel they don’t have to go to uni, they can come to Digital Prosperity Movement, join the training platform, learn the skills and knowledge required to start a business, and create an income they control without wasting years of their lives in education because ‘that’s what’s expected’. I want us to change how people learn and earn.

Tom: I want both what Adam and Lille just said. I want to change the world, and I want to unlock people’s true potential.

But I also feel a big portion of where the platform goes will be driven by the members. We founded the platform with the motto “For Ordinary People. By Ordinary People”. The platform is full of people with so much passion. I want to encourage those people to grow, to open up, to share, and to change the face of learning and earning just as we did in February.

Together we can do anything.



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