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Andres Acasio Boosts Entrepreneurs Towards The Materialization Of Their Dreams



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DORAL, FL / June 25, 2020 / Insurance companies are considered essential in our world today. Not having insurance as backup, exposes the person to countless losses, many times, irrecoverable! Creating and managing a health insurance company until it achieves significant recognition among the masses, is something that requires copious dedication and a lot of teamwork; in addition to the magnitude of demand that it requires, to know how to communicate in the most empathetic, clear, and effective way with other people to offer excellent service. Andres Acasio decided to set the goal of providing the best services in the area, managing his company alongside his brother, Angel, offering health insurance and policies to those who need it most.

On the other hand, he is not only dedicated to being a successful businessman in his day to day, since apart from his gift of entrepreneurship, he shares his spiritual & work knowledge, as well as personal experiences, as a motivational coach.

Who Is Andres Acasio?

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Andres Acasio is a 32-year-old businessman, leader and motivational coach dedicated to bringing messages of leadership and entrepreneurship to his followers. Meanwhile, he is highly committed to continue building his insurance company, Acasio Insurance in the state of Florida, United States.

After taking the big step of migrating to the US, specifically to the city of Doral, Acasio worked for 3 years as a waiter. One day he realized that his actions were not leading him to fulfill his goals and dreams, so under the influence of his friend Hecney (who introduced him to the world of Insurance), he quit his job and started his project.

“Thanks to my friend Hecney who talked to me about this. He showed me how well he was doing and asked me if I thought I could do it as well (to which I answered, “yes”), since I was going through a moment in my life where I constantly questioned myself if my current reality was bringing me closer to the dreams I had for the future. ”

The immense desire to share his testimonies, strategies, and tricks to achieve success in entrepreneurship, led Andres to want to start in the world of leadership and motivational coaching. In addition to this, the desire to make the projects a reality strongly influenced; of passing them from the mind to materialization. Today he is an entrepreneur and leader who has been filling his followers, through different platforms, with vision and desire to achieve and set goals.

All this, he achieves through private sessions and publications with writings he does occasionally, to highlight the testimonial part and incite those who are about to make the decision of changing their life, hand in hand with an adequate mental attitude. Andres says that since some years ago, being a coach has been one of his greatest goals, and expresses his enormous satisfaction at seeing that he has accomplished it. Among his greatest achievements as a leader, are his 2 own teams and the 2 teams of other leaders that Andres led to the national top, in two different companies. Without a doubt, one of his greatest pleasures is to positively influence people’s lives, which is why he is doing a podcast, a webshow, and stays
active through his social networks (Instagram and Facebook).

“I define myself as a dreamer, and my purpose is to achieve those dreams. Over the years I have been able to live the realization of each one of them, because I make them part of my reality even though they have not happened yet. ”

Andres’ Perspective

Since 2017, the year in which Acasio started with his Acasio Insurance project, he has compiled experiences that have marked a before and after in his life. Meanwhile, he has observed such great personal, spiritual, and professional growth that he expresses that he feels he was born for that role.

As for the world of leadership, it started in 2019. Andres comments that one of the biggest challenges is the fact that there are many people who prefer to maintain chaotic lives, constantly needing to star negatively in their lives through victimization. “I’ve had to understand that there are those who want positive changes in their lives, but are not willing to give up certain toxic energy generators that limit their progress. My goal in the world of coaching is to reach the largest number of people who are looking for something more, who know that there is a different world to the reality they currently live, and to transfer them the appropriate formula to achieve their goals.”

Among the many significant messages that Andres preaches on his platforms, there is one in particular that he highlights above the others: “The proportion of the size of your desires has to be equivalent to your actions. In other words, being a dreamer has forced me to desire even with every sigh and longing, but there must be an enormous harmony between actions and desires.”

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