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Belgian entrepreneur Avi Koren on his passion for crafting high-end luxury timepieces



Avi Koren

Timepieces are far more than attractive accessories or mere devices we use to keep an eye on the hands of time; they are a statement. What you wear on your wrist speaks volumes about who you are as an individual.

Avi Koren is a man who values his time and believes in wearing quality and well-made watches. He explains, “If your time is precious, then surely you would wear a watch to reflect this?”

It’s an interesting theory, and perhaps one which could only come from a man who has long had an interest in time luxurious, opulent watches.

Born in Israel but raised in Belgium, Avi grew up around watches. His parents owned a high-end jewelry shop. The youngster was fascinated by the intricate designs and the sheer variety of timepieces. Avi explained, “Watches and their workings have always had a strong appeal for me. Where a lot of people see simply a watch, I see a work of art because I have long realized the sheer craftsmanship and work that goes into making a well-made timepiece.”

The entrepreneur added, “If you think about it, any timepiece’s primary purpose is to break down infinity into measures which we can all easily understand. To me, that is truly wondrous, and something of a miracle and I feel the appearance of a watch, and the materials used in its construction should represent that.”

In 1999 the father-of-four felt the time was right to venture forth on his own and opened his showroom. Under Avi’s watchful eye, the business blossomed, and the Avi Koren brand now has boutiques in Belgium, Dubai, Israel, and Hong Kong. Avi’s watches can be found on the wrists of professional footballers, Hollywood actors, NBA players, and just about anyone celebrity who appreciates a luxurious and opulent timepiece. Avi explained, “My clients like my watches because they are individuals who want an exclusive watch to reflect their unique personalities. We sell worldwide to the biggest celebrities because they know that Avi Koren is a brand they can trust.”

Avi explained, “We create exquisite and eye-catching timepieces that are built to last. I believe time is precious, and the watch you wear should be as well.”

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