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Aneece Malik: “A million dollars smile…”



Aneece Malik

Aneece Malik is a Celebrity Smile Creator from Manchester, England. A boy who started his journey from such a place whose Beauty mesmerised everyone who visited there but the sad fact is that most of it’s local youth couldn’t resist themselves from indulging in criminal activities. Yes, you guessed it right that place is Kashmir, Pakistan. He was born to a guarded Kashimiri Household.

Growing up in a socially deprived area, the lure of being swallowed into a world of crime was exceptionally high. With low or no access to influencers from within the community, Aneece – like many youngsters in the area, was left to fend for himself. The quit, withdrawn child often the butt of vicious social pressures. His life whilst growing up in Bury was that akin to most Pakistani Families in Britain. As a child his life, mostly was restricted to school and mosque.
As if the mounting Social Pressure weren’t enough, along with lack of academic inspiration and dim employment opportunities, the tipping point for Aneece came when he tragically lost his elder Sister.

With the Family torn apart, Aneece fell into a state of depression – a downward spiralling circle which he believe, at the time, he’d never overcome.

Coping over the bad times, his mundane Bolton-based call-centre job left him feeling numb with very low self-confidence.

But there always comes a time in a person’s life that proves to be a Tuning point, for Aneece that time came when he began researching on clinics to improve his teeth. He believed on his Smile and felt that if he had a great smile, it would change his life in a much better way with great amount of self confidence that he needed to cope over his past life and moved on with the determination of never looking back in those times.
Although Aneece invested in a cosmetic and dental clinic and that business never stopped growing but the real money and kicks come from his Instagram profile @aneece111. With his work and interaction with celebrities, icons and various great personalities. Aneece inspired and influenced a massive bunch of crowd and raised his image as an Social Media Influencer with over 181,000 Instagram Followers including his substantial number of celebrity friends.

Aneece adds that his real secret was churning the negative energy into positive.

Aneece says:
“The difficulties and abuse I faced when I was younger are unbelievable, The area where I came from was always high in crime. So, it was hard coming from a background where many youngsters get into trouble including myself”

“I believe in consistency and to always keep going no matter what other people say”

“I turned my life around, so can anyone else”

“I now have friends in the fashion industry, business owners and I wine and dine in the best places possible”

“I get paid by the companies I promote on Social Media and get to visit exotic locations, drive expensive Cars, wears the most-desirable brands, chill in villas and on yatches”

There are some messages that Aneece wants to share for our youngsters:

“I want to tell all the young generation growing up now that can succeed legally”

“And if you are in a sticky situation, there is always a way out to be clean and work towards success”

“Don’t let fear of venturing out on your own stop you”

: @aneece111
: [email protected]

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