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Angela Killian on The Challenges and Rewards of Raising Tweens as a Single Mother



Angela Killian on The Challenges and Rewards of Raising Tweens as a Single Mother

Navigating the landscape of parenting preteens can be an arduous undertaking for any guardian, though the challenges can feel amplified for single parents. From financial struggles to balancing employment and parenting obligations, the journey may seem overwhelming at times. Yet within the obstacles also lie remarkable rewards – a strong connection with one’s children, personal growth, and establishing a good example. In this article, Angela Killian, Director of Operations, offers valuable tips for single mothers parenting preteens.

The Challenges of Raising Tweens as a Single Mother

Navigating the challenges and benefits of parenting preteens as the sole caretaker is a unique experience. Angela Killian, a single mother of two preteens, holds a leadership role as director of operations at a local company while managing the intricacies of parenting. Angela’s daily routine involves balancing professional deadlines along with responsibilities such as school pick-ups, soccer games, and doctor’s visits. As the sole caregiver, she sometimes feels financial pressure, though her determination and affection for her children propel her forward. She emphasizes the importance of emotional support from friends and relatives, which acts as a source of strength during troublesome times.

Financial Struggles

For single mothers raising pre-teen children, financial issues can become formidable hurdles that impact their means of meeting their kids’ needs while maintaining employment and parenting duties. To handle such obstacles, mothers may find it valuable to build a detailed budget documenting earnings, costs, and savings goals. Seeking help from local community resources, such as non-profit groups or support systems, can provide helpful support and guidance. Moreover, drafting a financial plan incorporating crisis savings and long-term investments can contribute to ensuring stability now and down the line. By overseeing assets and utilizing support networks, single mothers can amplify their strength to handle fiscal responsibilities and generate a safe environment for their children.

Balancing Work and Parenting Responsibilities

Balancing a job and parenting pre-teen children can pose an intricate challenge that requires time management techniques and an understanding of family dynamics. Clear communication is crucial in this situation. Expressing needs and expectations to both children and employers can help establish practical boundaries and prevent misunderstandings. By outlining top priorities and scheduling errands strategically, mothers can efficiently manage their time.

Lack of Support System

A single mother raising tweens often faces a heavier heart without the comfort of others to depend on. Going alone highlights the necessity of a close circle of caring souls to bear burdens emotionally. Parenting at this complex stage while handling work, home, and money can crush the spirit. Building bonds with friends, kin, groups who understand, and services who assist are vital. Asking for help with childcare obligations, budget advice, or soul-soothing isn’t a sign of weakness but a smart decision for wellness. Withstanding hardships empower single moms to meet daily challenges courageously and persistently.

Emotional Burden

By providing a judgment-free space where children feel heard, moms build trust and understanding. Setting aside quality time for shared interests like hobbies or outings strengthens the parent-child connection and creates lasting memories. Moms must care for their own needs, too, and find support from loved ones or the community to manage emotional strains.

Social Pressure and Stigma

Single parents raising preteens regularly face societal hardship and preconceptions, emphasizing the importance of community assets, empowerment, and support in addressing social biases. Society often imposes unrealistic expectations on these resilient individuals. These mothers bravely navigate a world filled with judgment and stereotypes, embracing their journey with courage and resilience.

The Rewards of Raising Tweens as a Single Mother

In spite of the struggles, raising tweens as a single mother can be rewarding, building a strong connection with your children and guiding them through their developmental journey. During the preteen years, the mother-child relationship tends to deepen as discussions about friendships, school challenges, and personal growth are navigated together. Shared laughter, inside jokes, and heartfelt conversations often become cherished moments that strengthen the trust and connection between the mother and preteens. Acting as a guiding force, the mother witnesses their milestones firsthand and provides the support necessary to navigate adolescence.

Strong Bond with Children

Developing a deep connection with one’s tweens as a solo mother provides a chance to build an enduring relationship based on love, support, and shared understanding. During these formative years, the mother-child dynamic significantly impacts a youngster’s emotional development and sense of security. Bond-strengthening activities like spending quality time together, enjoying shared interests, and creating traditions can strengthen the ties between parent and offspring. Open communication is pivotal for establishing trust and appreciation of the other’s point of view. It is essential to encourage preadolescents to express their thoughts and feelings freely and to listen to their perspectives actively. 

Personal Growth and Independence

Navigating the challenges of single motherhood can offer an opportunity for individual growth and resilience in the face of hardship. It encourages independence in both guardians and children when facing adversity. Shouldering multiple roles and duties demonstrates the significance of self-reliance and independence, allowing the mother to nurture these qualities within herself. Overcoming barriers strengthens perseverance and gives her the strength to confront challenges confidently.

Setting a Positive Example for Children

As a single mother raising tweens, they have a unique opportunity to set a positive example for the youngsters, serving as a role model and instilling core values that prepare them to handle life’s tests. By displaying perseverance when confronted with hardships and showing kindness in interactions with others, she is teaching her children the importance of compassion and tenacity. Encouraging them to pursue their passions and dreams instills a sense of self-belief that can fuel their journey toward success.

Sense of Accomplishment

The immense feeling of satisfaction that comes from overcoming difficulties and observing one’s children thrive demonstrates dedication and unwavering love as a single mother. Witnessing steps taken, successes achieved in school, and progress made fills the heart with delight. It is during these cherished moments of observing growth that one recognizes the true inner strength and resilience within.

Building Resilience and Adaptability

Raising preteens alone builds adaptability and resilience, providing valuable coping strategies and supportive networks for navigating parenting challenges. Single parenthood presents both intimidating and empowering aspects involving numerous responsibilities like household chores, children’s needs, work responsibilities, and personal commitments.

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