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Animal Crossing New Horizons update: Nature Day event date, time



Animal Crossing New Horizons Nature Day event

Animal Crossing Nature Day is the next big event going to the tremendously well known – and completely lovable – Nintendo Switch hit. The House of Mario has this week reported a host of new events heading to Animal Crossing New Horizons in the coming months. What’s more, first up is the Animal Crossing Nature Day event, which is showing up in Animal Crossing New Horizons on Thursday, April 23.

Animal Crossing ticks over at 6 am local time with the goal that’s the point at which the Animal Crossing Nature Day update ought to be accessible from in your district.

The next, big Animal Crossing New Horizons update will carry with it new island guests including Leif who has set up their garden shop just in time for spring.

Leif is selling an entire range of seeds and saplings so you will have the option to plant various types of foliage to light up your island.

While the next Animal Crossing New Horizons update will likewise carry with it Jolly Redd’s Treasure Trawler.

At the point when you jump aboard, you’ll have the option to examine and purchase a selection of uncommon pieces of art and collectibles.

Somewhere else the next Animal Crossing New Horizons update will see the museum extend, with the art gallery at long last opening up to guests.

On Thursday, April 23 the Animal Crossing Nature Day event will likewise start, which will complete on Monday, May 4.

The Animal Crossing Nature Day event will be accessible to Nook Miles+ individuals and offer limited-time themed activities.

It will likewise crossover with the May Day event, which starts toward the beginning of next month and completes on Friday, May 7.

This will offer a limited-time May Day island tour. And afterward, beginning on Monday, May 18, Animal Crossing will mark International Museum Day.

A Stamp Rally will be held which offers a selection of rewards, with this event finishing up toward the finish of one month from now.

And afterward all through June Animal Crossing New Horizons will get all romantic when the Wedding Season is held.

Happy couples will be streaming off to Harv Island and you’ll have the option to help set up the venue and take ideal snaps of the huge day as an end-result of themed rewards.

The Animal Crossing New Horizons patch propelling on Thursday is the second big update Nintendo has released for the Switch hit in the space of a month.

Outlining what the new download is bringing, Ninty stated: “The latest free update to Animal Crossing: New Horizons for Nintendo Switch is bringing new seasonal events to the game, inviting island-goers to experience new faces visiting their island, blossoming flora, various works of art and an expanded museum.

“This free update and others later in the year will add new experiences to the game that players will be able to enjoy for a long time.”

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