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Ankit Sanan is a Self-made Entrepreneur & a Education Expert



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Ankit’s ability to identify business prospects and its in-depth workings has been excellent.

The more we talk about how young creative minds are at the frontline of various business sectors, the more it becomes a debate topic. This is because learning these true stories and understanding how ordinary individuals have penned their successes with difficulties is a significant inspiration for many others from across various industries.

Ankit, who claims that one must always prioritise learning over labels, is at the top of these young entrepreneurs’ list in the business sector. Ankit is an ambitious young businessman, a flying professional, an academician, and an EdTech expert. He is better known as Inkclick’s founder, an online learning and networking site.
Ankit completed his education in Delhi. He was selected for the BSC program at St. Stephens College, but he opted to pursue Electronics & Communication Engineering and then topped the college in 2005.
He had a passion for flying from a very young age. Despite receiving offers from many prominent national and international universities such as USC and North Carolina State University, in 2005, he pursued professional Civil Aviation Training to fulfill his passion. Thanks to his aviation abilities and skills, Ankit has been awarded multiple prestigious awards and recognition. In addition to this, he has completed 12,000 hours of flying, which has made him well-recognized in the Indian Aviation Circle.
He started his career as an aviator. Later became an Ed-Tech pioneer and a visionary in education because of his deep interest in academics and learning.
He has created a platform for people to obtain world-class experience from anywhere in the world to change their perceptions about labels. This marketplace will help teachers to fight financial plight. Students will have quality education at affordable places, and they can also network with industry professionals and with their peers.

Ankit understands the value of education and how better learning will help budding minds to unleash themselves. He is continuously innovating and improving the way people view our educational system through an innovative platform called the ‘Inkclick,’ which includes the best talent and know-how.

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