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Apple Vision Pro expected to launch in late January or early February



Apple Vision Pro expected to launch in late January or early February

Even though the Vision Pro has been known for over six months (not to mention years of rumors), one of the biggest mysteries surrounding consumer electronics going into 2019 is Apple’s first “spatial computing” device. When the $3,499 headset was unveiled at WWDC in June, the company stated that it would be releas

On December 24, Apple oracle Ming-Chi Kuo revealed an early holiday gift, indicating that he thinks the system will launch in “late January/early February.” According to the analyst, the first batch of Vision Pros will be shipped to Apple in approximately a month, with a total of 500,000 units shipped during the course of the year.ed “early in 2024,” but they haven’t provided any further details since.

The exact goal the company hopes to achieve this year is still up in the air. A month or so after the device’s release, rumors circulated indicating Apple had reduced its initial projections from roughly one million to “fewer than 400,000.”

Even the revised number of 500,000 is insignificant for a business with Apple’s enormous scale and impact. Remember that this year, the company is expected to ship over 200 million iPhones.

However, most people agree that Tim Cook’s 12-year tenure as CEO’s greatest move was the introduction of the Vision Pro. Not only is it a completely new form factor and category for the company, but even for customers willing to pay more for Apple products, the price is prohibitive. You’ve got a steep uphill battle ahead of you when you consider VR’s decades-long inability to live up to expectations.

The Vision Pro is described by Kuo as “Apple’s most important product of 2024.” It’s a difficult claim to refute given the years of conjecture and the significant time and resources the company has undoubtedly invested in the headset.

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