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Bakuchiol: How it works, side-effects & more



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While retinols are the gold standard to combat signs of aging, they can cause redness, irritation and skin sensitivity. Both synthetically formulated retinol and tretinoin can cause skin purging, and sun sensitivity. How long does skin purging last? It can last anywhere between two to six weeks when introducing a new product whereas breakouts can last for much longer. Once the purging is done, your skin will get clear again. Any pimples after that time period may indicate a regular breakout.

What does skin purging look like? It’s usually redness that looks like a rash. It is accompanied by red bumps that can be painful. We don’t believe you should have to sacrifice the benefits of retinol to achieve your smooth skin care goals. That’s why there’s a plant-based retinol alternative – Bakuchiol serum. Plant Mother’s Retinol serum and Vitamin C serum has a 100% organic, vegan Bakuchiol as one of its main ingredients. Plant-based retinol with Bakuchiol as a main ingredient is a milder form of retinol and rarely causes any skin irritations or other unpleasant side effects typically associated with prescription-strength retinols.

Bakuchiol vs retinol – bakuchiol is a plant-based retinol alternative that provides all the benefits of a retinol like fighting fine lines and wrinkles, fading dark spots, boosting collagen production, and more, but with no harsh side effects. No longer do you have to choose because Bakuchiol skincare products allow you to achieve brighter, visibly younger, and renewed skin at the same time! While treatments containing retinol aren’t technically as powerful as treatments containing retinoic acid, they can be less irritating to the skin.

Retinol vs tretinoin – Retinol is the most common retinoid, and it’s available in many over-the counter skincare products. Our bodies do need to convert retinol into retinoic acid, but they can do this very easily.

Tretinoin is a retinoid medication that was originally developed to treat acne. As well as
being used to treat acne, tretinoin is used as an anti-aging product and as an oral treatment for leukemia. It’s a safe, effective medication that’s been approved by the FDA and is used by hundreds of thousands of people every year. So it’s difficult to compare tretinoin vs retinol because they are different products with similar end result. Tretinoin is prescription-based and retinol, depending on its formulation, can be bought over the counter or by prescription.

Tretinoin works by affecting the production of skin oils, although the exact process by which the medication works isn’t currently known. By changing the way skin develops and reducing levels of oil, tretinoin makes it significantly more difficult for pimples to develop on the face and body.

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