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Benefits of Recruitment Agencies



If you are not yet sure why using a hiring agency might be the right move, the decision to do so may bring additional benefits that may be difficult to calculate immediately, but are still very real. Example: Unless you are Google or Apple, you probably do not have thousands of qualified people listed to work for you. But the employer will “sell” your company to the candidate firmly as he will sell the candidate to you.

Suppose you finally decide to hire an engineer, but your HR staff knows very little about coding. Professional employers in a particular market can help you come up with the right compensation packages, let you know what you can really expect from the market, and, most importantly, introduce you to the right candidates in their workplace.

Using an agency recruiting service can be helpful from an accounting perspective, too. Agency funding is business expenses – which can help you in the end. As reported by Bersin by Deloitte, the average cost of filling an open space is about $ 4,000. But agency fees are legal business expenses that can cover part of those costs.

According to LinkedIn, only 12 percent of employees are looking for jobs, but 85 percent are open to hearing about new opportunities. The employers of the agency will not simply wait for the right person to come in – they will take out your competitors and the market for people in the same positions, to see if anyone is interested. Because they live and breathe hiring, agency employers have time to identify and access candidates who do nothing in a way that may not be possible in your team.

Agency recruiting can turn a monthly search into a few days. Knowing when and how to use them effectively can not only reduce the stress of hiring, it can also help you to ensure long-term employment.

Earn money guarantee

In addition to hiring assistance, all agency recruitment services offer confirmation periods. If the hire does not work, you do not pay and they start searching again, not you. With some agency recruitment services you can negotiate payments, while others guarantee timelines; and the other two. It has never been painful to ask. Especially if you rent a volume with them, or you are a new customer, try negotiating or both. But no matter what the validation period, using it as a solid basis for testing is important. If it does not work, let the agency restart the process.

Looking back on the money you have already had, how much money can be added to the rush for employment, lack of testing, or stability just to fill that vacancy? When you use an employer you stop making those mistakes on your own, and start making them work for you.

Your verification period is an opportunity to make sure the new hire is the right hire. Set realistic goals for the new employee who should have learned / gained / mastered it during the warranty period. If they do not hit those goals, it is time to trade. It may take a few attempts to find the right one, but you have done very little to accomplish that: and, as a bonus, the agency learns more about your company. They will be better able to fill your next space when they hear your priorities and your culture.

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