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How to choose the perfect business name – with Albert Sheeler



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Albert Sheeler is the CEO of SINSA Cosmetics SAS, an upcoming skincare brand in the Latin American market. Mr. Sheeler is also the Chairman of Strategic Equities, an investment fund focused on financing and advising small and Mid business companies.

So we asked Mr. Sheeler to tell us how to choose the perfect name for your business.

In choosing the name of the company it is advisable to follow a series of rules. First of all, the simplicity: the name of the new company should be easy to pronounce, avoiding compound phrases.

Very often, the various naming proposals tend to be a bit too long. Generally speaking, when you decide to create an ideal name that works, the advice is not to follow trends, but rather to give it a precise meaning and go to represent the category of reference.

Sometimes it is even possible to invent the name of a company, but in fact, it must be impressive, so that it cannot become too detached from what is the activity you carry out. Also pay special attention to the translations of the name you choose, if you want to focus on the foreign language. 

The characteristics of a winning company name

A winning name for a company has very specific characteristics. As already mentioned it must be unique, that is, it must be easily recognizable and not copied by other competitors. In addition, the name of a company must also be easy to pronounce, must be short, concise, durable, distinctive and catchy.

The pay-off phrase in addition, must have very important potential because it must be able to remain impressed in the minds of users. Don’t forget also the importance of being original and maybe using as a distinctive mark an object or a product typical of your company to give the name to the company.

The importance of naming in building a brand identity

Once you’ve found your company name, you also need to find the right logo that will go to represent your business. In fact, these steps are fundamental because they can give users a very precise perception of what your business is all about.

In fact, naming is one of the first steps to create a company brand that is able to create an emotion. In fact, the choice of name for it is important.

It must go through the sound of the words, create a reaction on a sensory level but also on a visual perception level. Once you have chosen the company name and logo, think about protecting your ideas through a registration of the domain and the chosen brand, so as not to give space to those who would like to copy you.

Obviously, in order to succeed in this kind of activity, it is good to be very clear which are the brands and signs that distinguish your company and, moreover, to be able to make sure that the target audience can identify with them.

Doing an analysis of this kind, you will be able from the first moves to have already a very narrow list of names to choose from.

Common mistakes to avoid

Once you have listened to the advice regarding what are the possibilities in creating a company name, it is also good to try to stay away from a number of mistakes that are as trivial as they are common.

First of all, it is good not to be in a hurry and rather to go and think thoroughly about what your alternatives might be in choosing a company name. Among the most common mistakes to avoid are those of choosing a name that is difficult to pronounce. Customers need to be able to pronounce it in order to remember it. Another important thing is to try to avoid puns that could be risky and make it clear what is the business you are trying to spread. Finally, try to be original, so don’t look for something that is very similar to some of your competitors, otherwise the risk of having problems with memorability, confusion or legal issues is very high. If you avoid these steps, you’ll certainly be able to have a valid alternative in the choice of the name, one of the first steps for the success of your company.

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