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Best Ford SUV Models



Best Ford SUV Models

All the people across the globe are aware of the Ford Company. People tend to get fixated on all the new models and new cars that are being launched as they have new and exciting features that are better than the ones offered before. However, one cannot forget the old and best models that were produced under the brand name of Ford.

Some of the best Ford SUV models are mentioned below:

Ford Escape SUV 4WD 2003 Model

The Ford Escape SUV 4WD model was launched way back in 2003. It was the most famous design and model of that time. It is a five seater car that can easily get you at least 20-25 gallons on the highway. It has the features that are mostly common in other brands of cars. It is suitable for a long drive or for the people who are fond of going out on a drive.

Ford Explorer SUV 4WD 1994 Model

The most popular and famous ford model was the four wheel drive version or what is also known as 4WD. This ford SUV model came up with the radio system that was already installed and a 4-wheel anti brake system. The model was one of a kind and this is the reason why the people went crazy after it as soon as it was launched. Intermittent wipers are also installed on the front seat.

Ford Bronco 1991 Model

It might be a shocking revelation for you that the Ford Bronco you can still see on the streets is a 1991 model. The reason behind this is that it is one of the SUV models that came along with an air-conditioning system that was already installed. It has a leather steering wheel and the most useful feature that it had way back in the 1990’s was cruise control. Many cars are introducing this feature now but ford introduced it in 1991. Cruise control can help control the speed of the car especially while someone is driving on the highway. The car also has power windows and privacy glass, which was not that common during that time.

Ford Escape SUV 2001 Model

The Ford Escape Model of 2001 had dual airbags along with a radio system. It also had an air conditioning system that was already installed. The most striking feature introduced in this model was the feature of a CD player. This was the main factor that forced the people to purchase this car.

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