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BigMag – The only store you’ll ever need is



BigMag The only store youll ever need is

BigMag’s web shop offers a wide variety of official Apple gadgets. They are a cut above the rest since they exclusively provide genuine, factory-sealed products at reasonable prices. Additionally, they back up their product quality promises with warranties. They are formally authorized to speak for Apple, Inc. in public venues in Ukraine.

With our collection, you can’t go wrong!

BigMag continues to specialize in distributing genuine Apple goods both wholesale and retail. When purchasing from this company, you can be confident that you will always get the highest quality, authentic product possible. Apple’s offerings span a broad spectrum of pricing points, quantities produced, product types, and other categorizations. It’s also possible to do business on a wholesale or retail scale. When compared to the competition, BigMag’s prices and turnaround times are unparalleled. In addition, the organization may ship and fulfil the customer’s order in three days, regardless of where the customer is located in Ukraine. A small cost may be assessed to customers who participate in a recycling programme in which they might trade their outdated gadgets for brand-new ones. Used Apple products were available at Bigmag, an early internet retailer. Their online presence is still active today. They are experts in reselling previously used Apple products and provide a comprehensive service. They check the 33 functions of each device before it sells. A warranty card is included with every purchase. The largest Ukrainian electronics retailer Bigmag offers deep markdowns on Apple products. More than that, they provide a service that helps consumers save money by upgrading to more recent models of electrical equipment. BigMag is proud to provide expertise and service highly to its valued clientele. BigMag can be a reliable and informed business partner to its customers.

Free of charge to customers, their company inspects and fixes Apple iPhones. A trained Apple expert will look at the gadget, diagnose the problem, assess the level of damage, and provide some advice. Extensive diagnostic times may be covered with prior approval in cases of catastrophic injury, water flooding, or component failure. From soldering system board components to changing iPhone modular parts, the Kyiv BigMag is equipped to handle everything. We also provide servicing, which includes cleaning, calibrating, and maintaining your machine.

Get your phone repaired right now!

To fix an Apple laptop, a technician has to have completed Apple’s repair training programme and earned Apple-specific certifications. The architecture and components of an Apple laptop make repairs notoriously tricky, which is why they are so expensive. Modular component replacement, maintenance, dust cleaning with thermal paste replacement, system installation, and setup are all services that may be performed at their Kyiv service centre. The latest in MacBook diagnostic and repair technology is on hand, and so are genuine Apple replacement parts at the service centre. They provide the facility with the best service at a fair price.

Smarter. Smoother and safer

Many believe Apple’s MacBook, iPad, and iPhone are reliable because Bigmag delivers on its promises. They will not only get the essential repair for free but also upkeep for a whole year. Their repairs are guaranteed to last since they meticulously adhere to all criteria and use only genuine parts. Customers can be sure that their Apple device will continue to work reliably and for as long as possible, thanks to regular servicing that includes inspections, repairs, and component replacements.

When repairing Apple products, Bigmag always goes with genuine Apple components. This ensures that every part the firm sells is of the highest quality and will last as long as promised without sacrificing performance. The requested piece may be upgraded to a newer and better version. There is a one-year guarantee on any parts that are repaired or changed, and experts regularly check and ensure all equipment’s condition.

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