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Biography of Ramyrad, an Iranian pop singer



Biography of Ramyrad an Iranian pop singer

Ramin Salehi Yeganeh (artistically named Ramyrad) was born on July 6, 1993, in Tabriz and now lives in Tehran.

 He entered the world of music at the age of 7 and had many activities in this field.

He was very interested in reading the Quran and learned Quranic songs professionally from great masters.

Many singers came to the scene at this time, each of whom has his own fans, including Ramirad, Behnam Bani, Alireza Talischi, and so on. Where and how to start Iranian pop singer Ramirad singing? What we need to learn to sing Description: One of the most enjoyable and tempting artistic activities in the field of music is singing. Reading has many fans in all countries in all languages. We all like to express our words in the language of music with a beautiful melody. In the free music training course, what was the first step? Now we will deal with this issue a little more here. In addition, the following video is included.

Where and how do I start singing? Can everyone become a singer? Does everyone sound good?

But can everyone become a singer?

Almost all singing teachers give an answer when asked this question!

Yes, everyone can read!

According to many singing and singing teachers, anyone who has a healthy larynx can sing and practice by practicing! Many people worry that they may not sound good, but this is a relative matter. If you practice and read correctly, there are definitely some who enjoy reading. Do not forget that those who say the majority have good voices are still some who do not enjoy their voice and it is unpleasant for them, so the important thing is to read correctly, which is possible by practicing and teaching principles.

The question is how to sing and become a singer at all?

To become a reader, you must take a few important steps, first learning theory and salfage.

You may not know it, but many professional singers in our country can not perform live tuning. You have all gone to the concerts of famous singers. Of all these singers, only a few can perform without any problems. What is the reason?


Can a computer improve my reading?

Unfortunately, many people think that a computer can solve this problem if they do not have the ability to read, but this is a completely wrong view!

Because experience has shown that excessive use of some plugins and severe tuning on the vocal cords causes us to hear an abnormal sound. So that you do not read in the hope that the software covers this weakness is completely wrong. It will be more pleasant! Apart from this, why really should a singer not have the ability to read live ?!

So the first step is to learn theory and salfage. In the next step, you have to learn sound engineering.

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