“Phenomena” by Ryan the Dealer is sure to make your evening interesting

House music’s origins may be traced in a multitude of areas. Whatever the real place is, Ryan the Dealer’s new song “Phenomena” may carry us back in time. Listeners are transported back in time to experience the originals through the music.

“Phenomena” bears homage to the original musical style. It is not, however, a note-for-note duplication of what came before; rather, it pays homage to the songs of the past while adding Ryan’s own twist to them. As a result, while preserving the essence of dance music, the music is fun, engaging, and calming to listen to.

The title “Phenomena” refers to the band’s current approach on house music. It enables listeners to see the genre for what it is. There are far too many musicians that make popular music by listening to what the public wants. While this is not inherently incorrect, Ryan believes that people should approach music with more maturity. When he produced “Phenomena,” he had that goal in mind.

You may listen to Ryan’s new track here:

For more information about Ryan and his work, visit his website or follow him on Instagram:

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