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Business Queen Elmira Namazova remains positive and hopeful. “After the pandemic, the world is facing more difficult problems”



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1. As we all know, businesses around the world took a big hit, do you think new businesses will open up despite not having the pandemic under full control?

I completely agree with this opinion. Many businesses around the world have been severely affected by the pandemic or have gone bankrupt. However, many businesses have also developed. It has always been so. Online commerce is already improving, and this epidemic has taken them to the top. In addition, some health-related work has improved. There will be changes after the pandemic. But I don’t think there will be a reduction in online business

2. What changes in the social media have you seen over the past 12 months?

If we talk about the changes that we have seen on social media in the last year, the activity has increased significantly. That should have happened anyway. But at the same time, as the owner of a instagram account , I would like to say that users have been aggressive and pessimistic about strict quarantine.

3. Do you believe companies will be able to recover and get back to business as usual?

I believe it and I don’t. Some businesses will now be replaced by new ones. But businesses such as tourism, for example, will go through the most developed perriod

4. What is Elmira Nazamova’s plan for the future?

I have many plans for the future. During the pandemic, we reconsidered many things and it was time to develop new business plans. We plan to focus on the construction sector. In addition, as a blogger, I was able to understand more clearly that this work is now one of the most important jobs of the future.

5. What is your secret? How do you find blogging as a career now? You have quite a number of admirers, what’s your message for them?

My secret is known by my fans, friends and even rivals. I do not show the fake life that many do. That’s why I’m more loved. Because then people can see us as themselves. Otherwise, the rating may be the same, but people will not like you.

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