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Canadian fitness influencer Dany (DAN) Martin Paul fitness brand has a new look!



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Dan Martin Paul is one of the biggest fitness influencers in Canada and has global popularity. His journey from being a skinny kid to having a godly physique has inspired many people over the years and he has a huge clientele that he helps to achieve their desired body goals.

Dan is a firm believer in the idea of having a strong body and mind and believes that when you’re strong, you can face any challenges that come across your path. This is one ideology that he enables all his clients to follow as well. His go-to mantra is #AlwaysReadyForIt.

Dan is not just a fitness expert and influencer but is also an entrepreneur and has his own athleisure brand called DMP fitness. The brand has been gaining a lot of popularity not just in Canada but has numerous customers across the globe. Dan’s brand recently underwent a makeover where the logo has been renewed and now reflects Dan’s personal mantra of #AlwaysReadyForIt.

The brand’s new logo has been receiving a lot of love from its loyal fan base and when Dan was asked about his future plans for DMP fitness, he said that there’s a lot of things coming up in the next year and that he plans to make DMP fitness a global brand.

Talking about the same, Dan adds, “The brand has seen a lot of success since we went live. There’s been constant and steady growth and most of it is from Canada itself but I have big plans to scale up DMP fitness in the coming year. My long term goal is to make it the premier athleisure brand globally, a brand people can resonate with. Something that is fashionable and functional at the same time.”

When asked about what he feels is of utmost importance in life, Dan shares, “I personally feel that discipline and moderation are extremely important. Too much of something is never good and there should be a balance in everything you do in life. I dedicate my time to my work but I also balance it and spend time with my family. Family is one of the most important things for me in life and they are the reason for not only my success but also for my constant motivation to move forward in life.”

Check out Dan’s social media where he often shares fitness videos and tips:

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