Charting an incredible success story as a fitness coach across Europe is Vaughn Cohen.

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This Marbella-based fitness freak exudes high-levels of passion, dedication and determination to transform the industry of fitness for the better with smart workouts and training.

Many individuals can show their passion for one thing and then get caught in the traditional workings of the industry, not making any new transformations and compromise with the age-old methods in the same. However, fortunately, we also have individuals who enter the industry with the aim to make a positive difference in the same and bring about the best transformations out of it. The industry of health and fitness is where people all around the world have been the witness to all sorts of training, workouts and diets, etc. that has been kept changing with time. People are habituated to workout a certain way thinking that they will get their desired results because it worked for others, but ace fitness coach and expert, Vaughn Cohen from Marbella, is of the view that in fitness there can never be ‘one size fits all’ solutions as everybody is different, and everyone has their own limitations as well. Hence, workouts that are individually created, keeping in mind the limits of an individual and how far he/she can go to achieve those desired results will get them nearer to their fitness goals.

All his life, Cohen believed in training hard like a beast as he thought that’s the only way to make the fitness dreams a reality. But, years later, when the injuries started popping up and made him feel more exhausted than ever, he realized that he was doing it all wrong till now. Cohen, who trained three times a day, including other hardcore exercises and CrossFit for his conditioning, later gave him hazardous results which made his body flat and somewhat out of proportion.

His years of intense and excessive training were now showing him the results which made Cohen join Nick Mitchell’s gyms in Marbella, one of the most famous gyms with renowned coaches in the world. Here, Cohen met Elliot Upton, the fitness guru who changed the fitness perspectives for Cohen and took him towards enlightenment in the industry, making him learn the importance of smart workouts over excessive and unplanned workouts.

After gaining the right knowledge from Elliot and learning the importance of form, muscle working, structural balance, etc., Cohen has now turned into a sought-after fitness coach who is known to give the best fitness results, which in turn also helps improve the mental wellbeing of people. Across Europe, Cohen has made a unique name for himself as a passionate trainer and coach who is determined to transform the fitness industry for the better.

His innovative and smart workouts are a hit across Europe and gradually earning more momentum all over the world as well.