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Claire Revell Shares 3 Critical Insights on Overcoming Your Limits




Life is all about evolution. By continually testing our limits and overcoming challenges, we improve, refine, and enhance the very essence of who we are. We are all works in progress and we should never consider ourselves to be the finished product. Complacency and the fear of change are toxic to the curious, innovative, and dynamic individual that we all are. Driven by the twin goals of philanthropy and technological adoption, Claire Revell, director and CEO of global B2B learning technology provider Intellek (formerly TutorPro) and co-founder of EdTech company SIDIS Academy, has traveled the world, putting herself in trying and testing situations just to see if she can cut it and deliver the goods when it matters the most.

Claire Revell says, “I think one of the most important things I’ve learned throughout my career is that you never truly know what you’re made of until your back is against the wall. As Eleanor Roosevelt said: A women is like a tea bag, you never know how strong she is until you put her into hot water!”

Claire adds, “In such circumstances, you either fight or flight, but you don’t know how tough or tenacious you can potentially be until the time comes. What’s interesting is that a lot of people go out of their way to avoid such situations when they actually might flourish in them. What I’m trying to say is that to overcome your limits, you’ve got to take that first step outside of your comfort zones and go for the plunge.”

As someone who is on a lifelong mission to maximize her own potential and that of others, Claire also thinks that self-belief is an absolute must for anyone looking to break down barriers and overcome limits. She says, “If you don’t back yourself and have faith in your abilities, then you cannot expect anyone else to do the same. The more self-belief you possess, the more limits you’ll overcome and vice versa. It is a very tangible interplay. However, once you let doubts creep in, they will spread quicker than wildfire.”

According to Claire Revell, ignoring other people’s preconceptions is vital if you’re looking to overcome your limits. She elaborates, “Other people’s preconceptions about you can be extremely poisonous and if you start believing them, it can be extremely dangerous and self-limiting. This is one thing I’ve made a point of battling from an early age. I’ve now learnt to realize that the limiting beliefs people try to instill into me are theirs and not mine. Remember that and you’ll find you’re a natural when it comes to overcoming limits.”

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