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Cole Morgan – The Instagram sensation who has topped the list of most popular social media influencers today.



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His engaging content has helped many brands grow and mark their online presence amongst a wide audience.

This 20 year old entreprenuer from Cincinnati, Ohio, has been successful in managing multiple Instagram pages, garnering over 2.5 million followers, that’s truly amazing by all standards. His unique style of creating content which draws a lot of attention amongst social media regulars has helped many companies, businesses and individuals reach a humongous base of audience making their brand visibility all the more stronger online.

How did the idea of turning into a social media influencer germinate in his mind? “As a student of 8th grade, I was well versed with the workings of social media, and had about 40k Instagram followers on my page, which I sold to a few of my friends, realizing the potential it had if done professionally. Ever since then I have dug deep into growing, buying and selling Instagram pages and have been successful in handling this job efficiently.

At age 14 he had an impressive list of followers which were growing by the day and by 18 his face was as popular as his online profile when his video dancing being two quarreling girls went viral and amassed a huge base of followers on his meme page @sluringz. He was widely written about all over due to his growing popularity.

What makes him the most sought after influencers in an industry which is infested with hordes of specialists trying to grab clients attention ? “My time tested strategies and original content are my USP, which have immensely helped brands and people grow exponentially backed by my work ethics being rock solid, which keeps my client list growing at a fast pace.”

For all who are struggling to keep their business or brand afloat by indulging in incorrect marketing methods can now heave a sigh of relief, for Cole Morgan is here to sort things out when it comes to pushing your brand to the top through online platforms.

Get to know more about Cole on Instagram@colesfeed.

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