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Over the past few years, many professionals, students, and office-goers have started using PDF (Portable Document Format) due to its dynamic and robust nature. It has been established as a very professional document format that is now used all over due to its simple and sophisticated design and good design. It has had a very different feel to it that has propelled it to such great popularity among students, professionals, etc. Most of the new-age communication has been shifted to PDF format these days. This makes it viable to explore a few PDF formatting software or services that can be of help to format and manage our PDF documents. There have been many PDF document formatting software but not all of them have been accepted into the public sphere with the same veracity.

This needs to be the checklist that can make or break a particular software. Apart from this, there have been many anti-virus software too that have been a part of the online services that are available these days. These cater to a wide range of issues ranging from detecting malware to recovering lost or deleted files from our mobile phones, PC, hard drives, etc. These services become very crucial to upkeep the computer services being used on such a large scale in the modern era.

ABBYY FineReader PDF document services

This has been one of the most widely used document formatting software services that have made a name for itself on the back of its good customer satisfaction. It has many useful document settings that can make your document very attractive. Many free coupons can be availed from ABBYY

Kofax Power PDF

This is another document-setting software service that has been providing good features at very affordable costs. This is very popular with college-going students and office professionals. There has been a growth of many document formatting services in the past years but this one stands out. This service can be used from Kofax Power PDF

Nitro PDF Pro

This is a very nice open-source document formatting software that has been growing steadily. This has been very popular with college-going students due to its host of features including dark mode, highlighting option, adding text and images, etc. This is very dynamic software with the ability to manage many different formats of documents. These services can be purchased at a low price from Nitro PDF Pro


This has been one of the most popular data recovery, and spyware protection software that has been used for many years. This is a malware protection service that can protect your system PC, pen drive, and hard drive from the detected malware, virus, and other ransomware that can harm your computer. There are several viruses and malware that go undetected in our system. Such malware can delete all the important files from our system, and they can be purchased at an affordable price from EaseUS


This application has been doing a great service to all those who want some software service to protect their systems or PC from external threats. In the modern information age, the risk of detecting highly penetrative viruses has increased manifold. This warrants the need for a highly sophisticated anti-virus malware blocker that can protect the system settings of our PC and hard drives from any threat, be it internal or external. These services can be used from Passware


The above-mentioned services have been made available at an affordable cost so that they don’t become out of reach for the majority of users or students. It is because students and professionals have been using these services steadily and it is necessary to make these services readily available to them. All the above-mentioned services can be availed from

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