David Wongk: From being a Pilot to Entrepreneur and a Skincare Expert owning a company in the US

David Wongk

A few years ago, David Wongk was a full-time pilot and a plane mechanic at a leading engineering company in the US. His life was simple with his steady income. However, being a fitness freak, he used to take care of his body a lot, which also included taking care of his skin and hair. However, he realized that most of the products dealing with skincare did not work properly, which made him think about it and explore the best option that can work wonders for him.

This was the background of how he entered this domain emerging as the owner of a skincare products making company in Arizona, called Pure Tropix. He started on an experiment basis investing his experience coming out with quality products. He was able to make the sale of 100K USD which he did use Instagram in the first six months. With an overwhelming response, he gave up his full-time job and embarked as a successful entrepreneur in the skincare domain with his company. Soon he was able to make his company a stable income with revenue of USD 50K per month.

Now, he has more than 200 K USD sales of his products with his above-said brand. This has made him embark upon effective results and he soon ended up forming his next company called Luxuria Elixir. He was able to impress his target audience with his effective hair and skincare products giving them effective results. This has accelerated his sales in the market making him the top entrepreneur in his chosen domain. He was featured in top magazines and portals like Allure, Vogue, Glamour, Vanity Fair, Trend Hunter, GQ, and BarbershopConnect.