Dev Kumar Aspires to Represent India as a Model making the Country Proud at the Global || The Unstoppable Magazine

Dev Kumar

If you think modeling is an easy nut to crack, think again. Unlike any typical 9 to 5 kind of job, it is known to come along with too many challenges and issues. You need to have nerves of steel to defy these challenges to embark upon the ramp wherein he or she remains the showstopper or the one who walks with a catwalk. One such name is Dev Kumar who aspires to be a model and intends to make the country feel proud of him. 

The 21-year-old man hails from Uttarakhand and is currently based in Ludhiana. He is a working model who has worked as Mr. and Mrs. Punjab in 2018 wherein he emerged as a finalist bagging three awards. He aspires to represent the world one fine day and even wants to work in Bollywood. Dev Kumar has also done the shoot for a catalogue as well. His interest lays in singing, modeling, and acting. 

As we proceed in his modeling career, he intends to go a long way and this is not just the end for him. He is keen on moving ahead in this field a long way, turning himself into the best man for the job. He does not intend to stop here as he also intends to try his luck in the modeling field. Well, let’s see how is going to make it but his determination and stubbornness to gain in his life will soon going to move things the best.