Digital Entrepreneur Shaik Shoeb Uddin Has Become An Inspiration For Many Youngsters

“Success does not come to those who work occasionally, but comes to those who work consistently”
‘Life is too short to be working on someone else’s dream”
These are some quotes used by entrepreneurs in their day to day lives, just to keep their driving force alive. A person who believes in himself and strives hard just to see that one dream getting accomplished. One such entrepreneur is among us who has achieved wonders in his life in such a short period. Mr. Shaik Shoeb Uddin is a visionary, innovative personality who started his career at the very small age of 22 years. At this tender age, students are not only sure about what to do in their lives, but this young man started building his empire from the very start. He was born on the 14th of July in the year 1998 and was brought up in Hyderabad only. His hobbies include photography and traveling around the world. He did his undergrad in and Computers and had a very keen interest in problem-solving and always had this positive thinking attitude. He was mentored by Mr. Anthony Shelby who himself is an entrepreneur. He has also done social services during this Covid-19 Pandemic period by providing the needy people with food supplies. He has expertise in Cyber Security, Blogging, Fashion Photography, and Digital Marketing.
Mr. Shoeb also emphasizes how to start blogging and shares a few tips and tricks to help new freshers. First off the person needs to be smart enough in choosing his or her topic of writing blogs, then he should prioritize on long-tail keywords, shaking up your themes once in a while, taking advantage of your email list, Start with some headlines, take advantages of social media platforms for promotions, be a contributor and start writing guests blogs, create a podcast, and also use visual content as large as possible, monitor trends and start mentioning influencers in your content, run a giveaway or host a campaign contest, interview your target audience about the market contents, etc.
He also shares a few tips on Fashion Photography and how to become a pro at it. Firstly a person should keep the lighting as simple as possible or start working in daylight, avoid mixing of different lights and should go dark in a studio, experiment with artificial lights, adjust your white balance, pick the right camera and lenses for yourself and the situation by experimenting, focus on the object by adjusting it and getting a hands-on experience with the manual and the automatic modes.

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