“Of all the races, Lucknow Health Run is the Stage for Heroism into Running”

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We have learned that marathon isn’t just an athlete achievement, it’s a state of mind. A state of mind which says, “Anything is Possible”. We believe that each and every individual is capable to do more, push their capabilities to another level and what can be the most amazing example other than a marathon. Every marathoner knows that there’s another faster one waiting for him\her. Marathon helps to enrich the faith in human nature.

So, here we are coming back with the most awaited event for our enthusiastic and fitness freak audience.  HBN Events Pvt. Ltd organises Lucknow Health Run in association with Innovation Welfare Society and we are planning to conduct this amazing event again this year. The prior objective for the marathon will be Charity as beyond the sense of achievement that you will get from finishing a race, running for charity will provide you with a much higher sense of accomplishment after completing the marathon. You will be more inclined to get up, train and run when you know you are supporting for a Nobel cause. Marathon helps us to maintain a healthy lifestyle and spread the awareness regarding that with our community. The more we run, the more we inspire. We can spread a radiant energy to others and motivate them to adapt a healthy lifestyle. Marathon’s another initiative is Community Building, when others see you train and cross that finish line, someone will follow your lead and start running. They might even run their own marathon or face a different fear. That is why we feel community building is imperative. Thus , we use the marathon as a platform to bring people together. 

Marathon is a form of aerobic exercise, running can reduce stress, improve health and even help alleviate symptoms of depression. With this belief, we are committed to work hard towards creating a stronger community. We continue to take inspiration by all the people who come together and share a stage to form this amazing community that holds itself together with one passion which is running. We believe that community is the foundation on top of which we build all our efforts and initiatives. Our work begins with the objective of building a community and ends with the fruits the community reaps from it.

Lucknow Health Run, always considers the safety measures as their top most priority. The permissions will be approved by all the concerned authorities, insurance will be proclaimed for assuring the safety of all the runners. Marathoners are different from recreational short-distance runners in the way that their bodies use nutrients for fuel. Thus, Marathoners must consume healthy diet before the marathon and after the marathon they must take proper nutrients full diet.

HBN event will also look over all the aspects from ensuring Complete safety measures to all the legal aspects for organising a successful marathon. At last here’s a small message for all the runners from Mr. Mohd Badar sir, “As you may now be aware that the whole of the 2020 Run For All season has been postponed to 2021. Many thanks for the patience you have shown during the summer; we do understand that you have entered events, trained for them, arranged work, travel, and accommodation to facilitate taking part.

When arranging events of this nature, it is a fine line over when to make a decision to postpone. We must be concerned about your safety from the contagious virus , Now when the situation is under control we will be organising the Lucknow Health Run very soon. Till then let’s just stay safe, work better for our skill nourishment and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Thank you very much.”