DJ Nitin NG Remix set a global map with his innovative mixes and making an impression in the music industry


DJ Nitin NG was born in India. This young artist has some amazing talents which are helping him to make his mark in the industry. He is not only an amazing DJ but also a remarkable Wedding DJ artist and Music producer. His unique skills made people dance and enjoy the events. DJ Nitin NG did not just stop there. He worked hard on his skills consistently, which is the reason he is booking different gigs all around the world.

The artist has released many popular songs on Youtube. The music video received a great response from the audience. DJ Nitin NG drops a new song, “Kahani Suno 2.O x Heat Waves.” He sets the bar high for himself with his track, but he expects nothing less of himself. His successes in music as a DJ have, throughout his career, featured him on some of the top media outlets of the world and gained immense love and plaudits from the audiences, which has further increased his prominence as a musical artist.

Anyone who wants to Follow DJ Nitin NG on Instagram can add him at @djnitin_ng. DJ Nitin NG is a rising DJ artist in India who is slowly making his way to the top, his music is available on his YouTube channel: @DJ NITIN NG

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