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Dr. Jonathan Kung is not suspending himself from chasing his dreams.



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Kung is hooking up with every profession now and then.

Every time you must be informed that don’t spread your leg at every course, cling to one, and become exemplary in that. Lately, Dr.Jonathan Kung is voiding this statement by connecting himself with every possible profession and performing his best to shine.

Dr. Jonathan Kung is a person of a rare combination. He is a board-certified Gastroenterologist trained in advanced interventional endoscopy, entrepreneur, proficient orator, assistant professor of medicine with the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in Manhattan, elite athlete, social media influencer, health and fitness trainer, and fashion blogger. With all these expertise, he strives to serve people and hence establish himself as a prominent philanthropist. With his incomparable skills and abilities, treating people is effortless for him. He advocates a healthy lifestyle among his followers and interacts with diverse populations through social media. Amidst a concupiscence for a balanced and productive life, he intends to radiate positivity, hope, happiness, and motivation. Soccer, boxing, basketball, and gym is another element of his life which he relishes to spend with.

Even after subsequent success, his rapture and desire for learning and drilling more never expire. He endeavors to influence people about fashion, physical health, and mental health. His heartfelt yearning to motivate every dull soul makes him an aristocrat. He craves to outreach and grow everyday to live a life out of the medicine line. Busting the stereotype and nurturing that a person can be anything and can work for everything is what drives him every second.

He says, “it’s extremely important to always make time outside of healthcare for family, friends, exercise, and travel. In the last couple of years before the pandemic started, I have been fortunate to explore Iceland, Aruba, and Japan. A balance of a proactive lifestyle both inside and outside the hospital keeps me healthy and motivated.”

Being well versed in every arena, he is the most cherished and recognized person among millennials. His uninterrupted attitude and compliance for more spur many youths to quit being perfect in a single space. The impressive intention and act of charity captivating more and more souls and gradually transforming them into his supporters.

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