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Issa Shamma, a Must-Follow Lebanese Social Media Influencer



Issa Shamma a Must Follow Lebanese Social Media Influencer

New Delhi (India), April 5: “Yes, I am 24 years old, I made my name by myself, and I helped many others grow their names on social media. I always thank God for the opportunities He sent to me, for the barriers that taught me a lot and for the strength that urged me to continue despite all the obstacles; no one but Him is my support system,” says Issa Shamma, one of the best social media influencers in Lebanon and all over the Middle East.

Issa Shamma is a true example for the whole world that being young in age doesn’t mean that one isn’t able to dream or achieve dreams. Like many others, Issa Shamma radiates his success with the rise of the Coronavirus, when people were isolated due to quarantine. People at that time started to create content on social media, some for entertainment and others for buying and selling purposes. Since then, Issa Shamma has started to appear on screens, giving pieces of marketing advice on social media. 

On the other hand, Issa Shamma is the founder and CEO of “Daemedia,” one of the leading digital marketing companies in Lebanon specializing in marketing brands, movies, public figures, celebrities, influencers, and more. His vast knowledge and wide experience in the market make him unique in the position he holds. His tactics and outstanding ideas, and plans that are following the trends on social media have caught the attention of hundreds of thousands of followers from all over the world who were really influenced by his content and intelligence. 

Issa Shamma once said, “I will always be there to support your small businesses and your companies as well.” It’s a huge pleasure when you place your trust in my abilities and return to my digital marketing company to achieve your goals. I will always be the centre of confidence, and I promise you the best is yet to come. Just keep an eye on my social media platforms. 

What Issa Shamma has earned to date, despite his young age, is not earned by any of those who are the same as him. Isn’t it a huge triumph to have such success and fame for a 24-year-old entrepreneur? If you are influenced by such a proudly Lebanese social media influencer and want to follow up with him.

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