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Dr. Neh Srivastava, A Well-known Personality in Indian Government since Last 2 Decades



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Dr. Neh Srivastava is the current president of CSSOS Under-secretary in the Home ministry. He has worked very hard with the government to reach his level and get due respect in Indian ministry. His contribution in policy making has always been appreciated by all and are always implemented with high regards. He has not only been working for GOI, but also maintains the thought so that general public is also benefited.

Dr. Neh has held many important portfolios like Commerce and Textile, Prasar Bharti etc. Moreover, as DG of Foreign trade under the govt. of India for over 20 years, he has given valuable contribution to policy making in the field of public demand, policy formulation and implementation.

According to him, purchasing a house in Delhi has become a distant dream owing to high land cost and unavailability of land with DDA for allotment to Group Housing Societies as dealt earlier in Patparganj, Rohini and Dwarka around the1980s. The opportunity has now come by way of DDA’s Land Pooling Policy (LPP) under Delhi Master Plan, 2021 to de-congest the National Capital Region and facilitate it with all modern amenities on the concept of “Smart Cities”. As per the Policy, a Society/ Developer should have minimum 5 acres of agricultural land for submission to DDA, who will develop the whole area and return the residential land equivalent to 60% of their land.

One of the major policy implementations was in 2019, when real estate was sinking; his suggestion gave boost and support to real estate market. In addition, realtors sensed relief over 2-year tax exemption on notional rent on unsold homes.

Sitting on 6-7 lakh of unsold units due to poor demand, cash-starved real estate developers heaved a sigh of relief after the government extended the tax waiver on notional rent on such flats for two years since last year.

Developers and consultants feel that this budget proposal would benefit developers of major 7-8 cities, particularly those from the National Capital Region (NCR) and Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR) where unsold units are maximum.

Finance Minister Piyush Goyal proposed to extend the period of exemption from levy of tax on national rent on unsold inventories from one to two years. The period would be counted from the end of the year in which the project gets completed.

We hope GOI and Indians always get assistance from Mr. Neh Srivastava in all fields for betterment of India.


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