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Eid is the way to connect directly with Allah, said Jamal Islam



Jamal Islam

Most of the youth in a developing country come from lower middle class families. It is very difficult for such youths to go beyond the prescribed convention and do something, especially in the business sector. When the youth coming from these families, if they make themselves big in business, then it inspires thousands of people. Jamal Islam also a similar name in plywood business. Recently, Jamal Islam along with international boxing promoter Amjad Khan organized a boxing event on a cruise in Kolkata. Amjad Khan had told that such a program has been organized for the second time in India, while it is happening for the first time in Kolkata.

Even before this, Jamal Islam has come in the discussion about his business ideas and plans. Jamal is helping to preserve the cultural heritage along with his business life. Jamal says that in a country like India, social harmony is maintained due to festivals. Eid means happiness and brotherhood.For a month, in the holy month of Ramzan, devotee his mind to Allah, sanctify his body daily and offer true prayer and devote himself in front of Allah on the day of Eid. Elders in the house say that such a true prayer is definitely accepted by God.

Jamal says that I bow my head in front of all the Namazis who pray for peace in the country. Also, on this holy festival of Eid-ul-Fitr, I send warm wishes to the entire countrymen. May the festival of Eid bring prosperity in your life with double the happiness with which we await. May the love-making relationship in the family become even stronger throughout the year. Maintain social harmony and brotherhood. Apart from this, this is my wish to all of you, just as we are aware of our duties in our personal life, in the same way we should also discharge our social obligations. In the last few days, the kind of incidents that have taken place in the country especially during festivals have increased mutual bigotry. Such incidents are a hindrance in the development of the country. They are like the fetters that pollute our golden culture. I often travel abroad for business expansion. Many of my friends are doing good business abroad, when they get the news of these incidents, they question whether India is not like what is being reported here in the media right now.

Jamal offered prayers on the occasion of Eid and said that I have prayed to Allah that my country should progress and move forward. Because as long as my country does not develop, the chances of business growing and succeeding here will also decrease. The second most important thing is peace of mind. May Allah keep my mind calm and focused so that I can expand my business by exploring newer new dimensions.

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