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Eternal Sun Shea



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Eternal Sun Shea is a company that believes in supporting healthy skin and healthy people. They only sell whipped luxury shea butter blends handcrafted with organic essential oils.

They don’t use any fragrances that are harmful to you or your skin like most other products on the market today. The combination of components in Eternal Sun Shea butter helps neutralize free radical damage, which reduces fine lines and wrinkles, and it simultaneously fades age spots and stimulates collagen production, too. It helps to fade scars, and it works to heal sunburned, cracked, and peeling skin. This Shea butter also soothes skin irritations from insect bites, contact dermatitis, eczema, and psoriasis. Not only does Eternal Sun Shea only use the best organic and natural ingredients, but you can use it as often as you would like as it is safe and natural. There are also known benefits to people who suffer from acne or oily skin. This product does not produce access oil! This is what your skin needs and will love. An unbelievably rich and hydrating experience, the whipped body butters drench your skin in 100% natural ingredients packed with vitamins and antioxidants. You can even take the Unscented Organic Double Whipped Body Butter and customize it with an organic essential oil of your choosing! This handcrafted, organic, luxury, vegan, whipped body butter contains organic shea butter and organic coconut oil that will soften your skin, prevent stretch marks, heal cracked skin, and fend off premature aging. Eternal Sun Shea is very transparent about the ingredients they use and where they get them from, too. The company not only provides you with the most beautiful and healthy skin, but 20% of all proceeds goes directly to African women and children. With each purchase you play a role in shaping the future of those in need. Eternal Sun Shea believes in spreading love and shea butter in every way so they can see everyone GLOW. The company offers $5 off your first order of $60 or more, and in orders over $100 customers receive a FREE mystery blend and golden spoon. Eternal Sun Shea spent years perfecting their products and brand. After countless trips to Africa and multiple different formulas, they have finally created and captured the true, natural essence of a pure shea butter which comes both raw and whipped! With products that range from Rose Luxe to Sea Moss Gloss, Eternal Sun Shea ethically sources all of its ingredients for a humane and natural experience from beginning to end. Don’t hesitate to support this business, your skin won’t regret it. Whether you are looking to prevent skin aging, reduce the look of scars, promote healthy skin, or support small and independently owned businesses, Eternal Sun Shea can fulfill all of your needs.

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