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Exclusive interview with Faton Mustafi, a digital marketer and social media consultant based in Switzerland



faton Mustafi

Social media is gaining a whole lot of reputation amongst entrepreneurs who need to set up a social media presence to sell their business. Consequently, a whole lot of social media specialists have emerged to assist organizations in enhancing their online presence. A social media representative is someone who acts as an advertising agent or public member of the family government for organizations or political applicants to increase online media campaigns related to the usage of video, blogs, forums, and different capabilities which can be generally visible on social networking sites. In short, those specialists help corporations in handling their online presence on blogs and different famous social networking sites.

Faton Mustafi Intro

Faton Mustafi is a great marketer, best-selling author, and social media expert. He is highly educated in the field of entrepreneur, marketing, and social media. Faton Mustafi was born on 02/06/1987 in northern Macedonia. “A social media representative wishes to be acquainted with industry trends, and recognize precisely how each social media device works; so that it will offer a first-rate carrier to his clients. Added to that, he wishes to recognize precisely how to make use of those social media profiles in a manner that drives centered visitors to a site, even as concurrently constructing and preserving a right organization photo and reputation”, said Faton Mustafi.

Faton Mustafi’s career

Social media specialists work to increase the company’s emblem management, consumer engagement, and organizational communication. Their roles include being an integrated integrator, navigator, trendsetter, and analyst, and having the set skills to handle each of these responsibilities. Faton Mustafi has pursued a career as a social media consultant, helping more than 100 brands grow their business and make strong social media strategies. He says that “success is everyone’s choice. Do not listen to anyone – go the most difficult way. Those who do not believe in you today will envy you tomorrow”.

Faton Mustafi as a social Media Consultant Responsibilities

According to Faton Mustafi, social media experts are acquainted with industry trends, and that they recognize a way to use social media gear to offer pleasant offerings to their clients. In addition to this, they layout techniques to apply social media in a manner that drives the focused target market to a commercial industry site. This allows in constructing and retaining the logo photo of the company, that’s a crucial aspect for a business to be successful. As social media specialists, they act as a riding pressure to convert a commercial enterprise’s social media efforts, from posting tweets or reputation updates to a logo-constructing powerhouse. Social media specialists want to be informed approximately the professionals and cons of each social media tool. This know-how ought to now no longer be simplest restrained to Facebook or Twitter. They additionally ought to be innovative in growing techniques which might be worthwhile in addition to offer a go back at the funding of the commercial enterprise. A social media expert ought to be analytical sufficient to continuously check the approach with that of its outcome. He or she may also then want to alternate the approach to enhance results. To contact Mr. Faton Mustafi send the message on Facebook (

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