Exemplary journey of Anshul Muwel from Entrepreneur to Influencer

Anshul Muwel

Social media has been a very popular thing these days, and people have been relying on it a bit too much since they like to follow what is trending, and they also want to stay updated with the current affairs of the world. Apart from being utilised for various business and other purposes, social media has always been a very popular place for different people to come together and interact with one another. In the present day, an influencer has become a very popular individual these days. Most importantly, the youngsters have been deeply impacted because of the rising influences and they have also tried to become word for the individuals who are the hot topic. Yet, it is not very easy for people to establish themselves as a social butterfly. Anshul Muwel is one of those individuals who is also known as heyyy._.model, and has been earning a lot of money as well as respect with the help of his qualities.

With more than 10k +  followers on Instagram itself, Anshul  has certainly become a very established individual. The reason why he can be certainly deemed as the perfect influencer is because of his personality. People must look up to other individuals in a positive light, and Anshul has managed to capture the attention of most people with the help of his innovative and creative posts, beside the outstanding content on various social media platforms. “In order to become an influential person, you need to have all the capabilities. And you also need to be able to impart these things. Possession of qualities is great, but if you are incapable of portraying them, there is no use of such qualities” says Anshul Muwel.

Originally from Indore, Anshul loves to make videos for Instagram as well as YouTube. Because he is not concentrating on only one kind of topic, a lot of people are interested in the content that he puts forward. Beginning from fashion and lifestyle, to feel good content, Anshul has done it all.

Since heyyy._.model has received a lot of positive feedback from his followers all over social media, he has been able to calculate his influence. “You would certainly not want people to only admire you, you need to have an everlasting impact on them. A digital creator is capable of influencing the masses in a great way, and it depends on you what kind of content you would put out for the people to see.”  Fortunate are the individuals who stand out enough to be noticed. Karma isn’t the solitary factor that will push you towards progress, assuming you need to obtain something you absolutely need to invest a great deal of energy into it.

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