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Firas Kazma: Working as a gourmet in the Arab World



Firas Kazma Working as a gourmet in the Arab World

Many people want to follow their passion but very few have the heart and dedication to do justice to it. We have heard many stories of people who left their jobs to follow their true heart desires but Firas Kazma’s story is a little different.

Firas Kazma is a CEO of many companies in Middle-East and also has a vibrant blog, and he loves both aspects of his life equally.

People often complain about not being able to do justice to their passion because of their full-time professional commitments. But then we have Firas Kazma who makes the most of his 24 hours juggling both his roles with perfection. Despite being a busy CEO, he found time for his passion and did full justice to it.

With his work and corporate life, he is following his passion as well.

Firas believes in drawing a fine line between professional and passion pursuits. He believes that it is important to balance both perfectly.

“It is really important to have financial stability for the long run and I am really glad that I can work on both things simultaneously”, Firas added.

He has travelled to several countries just to try the best and trending dish.

He has collaborated with several brands and loves to enjoy the dual role of being a CEO and a food blogger. He has also been featured in several TV shows, podcasts and has been featured in many top publications.

Also Read: In Mazaq Al-Dhaaq or Foodie, we host the American-Lebanese blogger Firas Kazma, to talk about his work as a gourmet in the Arab world.  

In Mazaq Al-Dhaaq or Foodie, we host the Lebanese blogger Firas Kazma, to talk evaluates dishes in the kitchens of the world in Dubai and the countries he visits. This is in addition to the extent to which this type of mission has become widespread in Arab countries, after it was limited to Western countries for years. 

Firas believes that if we manage our time well, we will be able to perfectly balance both profession and passion. Most people blame their profession for not being able to follow their passion but the truth is that they don’t manage time judiciously. The time we spend on idling can be utilized for other endeavours.

The saying goes – one for the stomach, one for the soul, and Firas believes in nurturing both for a successful, wholesome, and fulfilling life.

Firas Kazma Working as a gourmet in the Arab World

Firas is an inspiration for every youngster who has dreams of excelling in multiple fields in his lifetime. He loves both his profession and passion, and can’t even think of leaving any.

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