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National Champion Hemanth Muddappa Wins Two More Golds For Motorcycle Drag Championship



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It was yet another victory for National Champion Hemanth Muddappa in the motorcycle championship. The 31-year-old became the National Champion again for 4th year, in the second and final round of the MMSC FMSCIIndian National Motorcycle Drag Championship at the MMRT in Chennai on Sunday.

The championship of Drag Nationals 2020 was safely hosted by the Promoters Madras Motor Sports Club. Hemanth Muddappa, a Bengaluru based bike rider made it to the winner category by touching speeds of 205.65kmph. He won the above 1051cc class in the time of 7.879seconds for a course of 302-metres astride a BMW. He left behind Baba Satagopan (8.263) who came second. Hemath also managed to beat darkhorse Hafizullah Khan, who ranked third with a time of 8.362. As soon as Hemath won the first position and the gold, celebrated his victory by wearing a custom-made helmet and champion T-shirt that was tuned by Sharan Pratap. Thus, continuing the legacy of popular Pratap Jayaram.

For his second gold victory, Hemanth Muddappa was on a green Hayabusa in the 850 to 1050cc class. He clocked 8.071, defeating Zubair Ali Jung, who came second in 8.202 sec. The third place was won by Baba Satagopan who clocked 8.306sec.

Talking about his wins in the past, Hemanth has been a winner of the National Drag Championship in the Feature race of Unrestricted Foreign Open class in the years 2017, 2018 and 2019. Along with these National wins, he is the winner of top-two classes above 1051cc and 850to1050cc in 2018. The new two gold wins in the same category make it his 7th National title.

About winning again, Hemanth says, “Winning can be an excellent form of motivation for a time, but the drive to be just a little bit better every single day can make you unstoppable.”

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