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Firoz Belim Tinwari engaged in social service without caring for himself



The commendable work done by philanthropist Tinwari Jodhpur resident Firoz Belim and his team during the Corona epidemic has presented the best example of social service on this occasion. He did a commendable job.

Firoz Belim and his team, who are constantly active in the field of social service, went to the Dhani mohallas in Tinwari Jodhpur and distributed food packets. Coronavirus has severely affected people’s lives. People are unemployed. In such a situation, necessary food, vegetable, sanitizer etc. are also being arranged by Firoz Belim.

Along with food packets, kits of raw grains were also distributed to the needy. Again always helps the helpless people. Fodder for stray animals was arranged in the lockout. An exemplary example has been presented by his team in service work, which is commendable. In the area of ​​social service in Tinwari, it is said that the message of ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’ and ‘Parhit Saris Dharma Navi Bhai’ has been mentioned.

On the one hand, people are at home due to fear from Corona, the same being provided to the needy by Feroze Belim and his team. Their team is being approached from place to place for oxygen so that no one can be killed due to lack of oxygen, as many as they are being arranged by the team.

almost 90 villages were sprayed by Firoz Belim with hypochlorite sanitizer in the entire assembly area, which is exemplary. If any person needs blood in the hospital, they are being fully assisted by their entire team.

He said that this time is a time of crisis and at this time with the cooperation of all, we have to fight the corona. Our courage is our victory and our victory will surely be there.

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