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Fitness Model Kiko Dos Santos gives up meat as an experiment and claims turning vegan made him STRONGER – and says his ‘brain is working better too’



Fitness Model Kiko Dos Santos

A Fitness Model who adopted a vegan diet as an ‘experiment’ claims he now performs better on a plant-based diet.

Kiko Dos Santos, Fitness Model from Melbourne, Australia, said he watched the documentary ‘The Game Changers’ which showcases elite vegan athletes.  

He said he was so intrigued by the idea he decided to try it for himself. 

‘It is the most controversial documentary in the fitness industry,’

‘People think you can’t be on a plant-based diet and put on muscle. It sparked my interest and I wanted to disprove that.’  

Kiko Dos Santos has done the diet for four weeks but says he already feels stronger and doesn’t plan on eating meat again

‘It sounds weird to say and sort of hard to explain but my brain is working better and my energy levels have been awesome and my memory retention is better,’ he said. 

Kiko Dos Santos said when it came to his training he also felt more motivated and has found his sessions easier to complete and recover from. 

After just four weeks he said the early positive results had convinced him to abandon his old meat-based diet.  

‘My initial goal was to do the diet for only four weeks but now I have no intention of going back (to meat),’ he said.

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‘Now that I’ve done it I don’t see why I have to go back, I didn’t expect that.’ 

‘The goal is to see if it stays the same, improves or gets worse,’ he said. 

‘In terms of training, to be honest, it has been better. I was on the fence about it for a long time but this has been a really cool journey for me.’ 

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