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Fong Fei-Fei – Google Doodle Celebrates Taiwanese Singer’s 66th Birthday



Fong Fei-Fei – Google Doodle Celebrates Taiwanese Singer’s 66th Birthday

Today’s Google Doodle celebrates the life and legacy of the beloved “Queen of Hats” and Taiwanese singer Fong Fei-Fei’s 66th birthday.

Who is Fong Fei-Fei?

Fong Fei-Fei was a Taiwanese singer, host, and actress. Fong Fei-Fei was born as Lin Chiu-luan on 20 August 1953 and grew up in Daxi, Taoyuan County (presently Daxi District, Taoyuan City), Taiwan. Fong Fei-Fei had two senior siblings Lim Yu-Nung and Lim Hung-Ming. Her more youthful sibling Kempis Lim (1957–2006) was likewise a singer under a stage name of Fong Fei-yang.

 Fong Fei-Fei
Fong Fei-Fei

After winning a televised singing competition at age 16, Fong Fei-Fei started a prolific 40-year career, during which she released in excess of 80 albums, sang more than 100 movie theme melodies, and featured in a few movies and TV variety shows. Fong Fei-Fei’s associated with hit songs like “Wish You Happiness,” “I am a Cloud,” and “The Wild Goose on the Wing.” Many of her songs were popularized in movies dependent on romantic novels by prolific Taiwan-based writer Chiung Yao.

Fong Fei-Fei frequently referred to as the “Queen of Hats” due to her mark headwear choices. She owned in excess of 600 hats in her whole lifetime. She once said in an interview that the first time when she wore a hat onstage, the response from the audience was colossal. From that point forward, Fong Fei-Fei began to wear hats for every one of her performances, and she referenced that the hats she wore implied a lot to her.

In spite of the fact that Fong Fei-Fei spent her later years in Hong Kong, she recorded numerous conventional Taiwanese ballads, alongside Mandarin songs. She won Taiwan’s Golden Bell Awards in 1983 and 1984, and the country’s Culture Minister hailed her as “Taiwan’s national singer.”

On January 3, 2012, Fong Fei-Fei died at 58 years old from lung cancer in St. Teresa’s Hospital at Kowloon City, yet the news was just reported on February 13, 2012, after Chinese New Year, by her lawyer per her request to keep her sickness and demise out of the press until all of her funeral arrangements were settled.

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