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Founder Of S2O – Nitesh Seth Explains How You Can Use Instagram Reels For Your Business



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Nitesh Seth Says “Short videos are great allies for attraction strategies in Marketing. On social media, audiovisual content has 1,200% more sharing when compared to image and text posts.”

Nitesh Adds “In this scenario, Instagram’s Reels stands out. The tool offers the possibility for the user to create and edit short videos, of up to 30 seconds, by gathering several creative resources to attract the attention of the audience.”

As there are more than one billion active users per month on the social network, it is worth learning from Nitesh Seth how to use Instagram Reels in your business. Scroll down to read more.

How To Use Instagram Reels?

Instagram Reels is a complete solution for creating and editing short videos , up to 30 seconds. It is possible to add musical backgrounds, subtitles, filters and stickers in each scene, for free, without leaving the application. The result is creative materials with high audience engagement power.

Nitesh Seth explains how to do it. Look:

To use the functionality that competes directly with TikTok, just log into Instagram, search for the “+” symbol in the upper right corner of the screen, and then select the “Reels” option at the bottom of the application.

On the functionality screen, there are plenty of options for content production. Check out the main features of Instagram Reels now:


Choose to adjust the scroll speed of the scenes. It is even possible to make time-lapses directly from the application since the adjustment varies from 3x slower to 4x faster video.

Scene Alignment

Use the feature to swap scenes smoothly, without any sudden movement of objects.


Access the soundtrack bank by selecting the musical note icon on the Instagram Reels screen. Search for and select the song to add to the video.


Use the available filters to create visual effects within the tool. You can switch between them for each scene.


You can use the timer to choose the recording duration of the scene, as well as to adjust the start countdown.

This set of features allows the user to produce creative and personalized videos. When executed according to the public’s language and tone of voice, they are able to increase the reach of the brand and boost business on the internet. 

How To Use Reels For Your Brand

The public’s adherence to Reels on Instagram was so great that it is common to see these contents go viral among users on the networks. No wonder, brands are taking advantage of the good moment of the resource in order to deliver valuable content, strengthen their presence on social networks and strengthen the relationship with the public.

There is even an exclusive section for videos created in the format. To view them, just open the application and click on the “play” symbol, located at the bottom of the screen.

Do you also want to learn how to use Instagram Reels for your business? Check out the main tips now:

Entertain Your Audience

It is common to see large commercial profiles producing light, fun content, and playing games on the internet. Such material, yes, increases the Engagement Index, especially when it is done through Instagram’s Reels.

However, it is necessary to be careful when using it. Ask yourself: does it make sense for my audience to carry this type of content? Is this the language that suits the profile of the business persona well?

If your answer is positive, follow the videos that are in fashion and adapt them to the nature of your business.

Introduce Business News

Showing new products and services in the tool can also bring good results. As the video format is more attractive to the audience, using Instagram’s Reels increases the chances of delivering the content. So, two fundamental tips:

Invest in a scenario suitable for recording, in order to stimulate the public’s desire for consumption.

Plan the production of teasers with previews of collections or new items. The idea is to sharpen the audience’s curiosity and activate the trigger of anticipation.

Another possibility of using Instagram’s Reels is to educate your audience about how to use the pieces.

Connect With Your Audience’s Emotions

Vulnerability connects people and nothing better than showing your audience that you understand their emotions and challenges. Instagram Reels is a great space to share this in a light and fun way. 

Reuse Tiktok Video Ideas

Instagram’s main competitor to Reels is TikTok. If your brand already uses it, it’s simple: reuse the generated content and share it on the Facebook subsidiary. As the format is very similar, the posts usually work in both cases.

Just be careful that the competitor’s brand does not appear on Instagram, as this opens up loopholes for decreased delivery of your content among users.

The important tip when opting for Instagram Reels is to use your creativity. With the diversity of free resources available on the platform, it is possible to produce rich, creative and fun content for the public – exactly the type of information that people want to consume through social networks.

In case if you’ve any questions related to Instagram reels feel free to follow Nitesh Seth on Facebook and Instagram and ask your questions in private message.

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