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Full List of the Top 50 Best Pizzerias in the US



Full List of the Top 50 Best Pizzerias in the US

The American pizza scene is still dominated by Anthony Mangieri. The 50 Top Pizza organization named Una Pizza Napoletana, the chef’s New York City restaurant, the country’s best pizzeria. Mangieri’s restaurant obtained a similar honor last year, and its Neapolitan-style pies keep on intriguing the judges.

During the ceremony declaring the rankings, Mangieri stated, “I think [pizza is] probably universal because it’s a product that can be kind of personalized by anybody. I think as the world is getting more open and connected, I think people from around the world have been to Naples, experienced the beauty there, then they take it back to where they’re from, and they kind of add their own love to it.”

There were some minor shifts in the overall top five: Jersey City’s Razza Pizza Artigianale came in second, while Portland’s Ken’s Artisan Pizza ranked third (moving up from No 11 last year). In fourth was San Francisco’s Tony’s Pizza Napoletana, which was last year’s No 2, and fifth was Phoenix’s Pizzeria Bianco, which bounced from No 12 last year. Altogether, New York topped the list with 10 pizzerias cutting, while Portland, Miami, and San Francisco all followed with three.

“New York has been deemed one of the greatest cities in the world for pizza,” the project’s curators, Barbara Guerra, Luciano Pignataro, and Albert Sapere, said in a statement. “The American pizza movement is very active right now, with a new generation of artisans who are ever more careful with the quality of their product and their ingredients. It is a trend that has been particularly noticeable over the last year.”

Outstandingly, close to half of the list is comprised of new spots or those that didn’t rank by any means last year, with the highest being New York’s Pizza Secret at No. 17. Furthermore, some of last year’s winners experienced enormous forward swings, with Pasquale’s Pizzeria Napoletana in South Kingstown climbing to No. 12 from No. 33 and Fabrica Pizza in Tampa jumping up to No. 15 from No. 49 Unfortunately, some spots fared worse. Last year’s No. 9, Pizzana, along with 16 other spots, were eliminated completely.

Tuesday night, the ranking was made public at West Edge in Chelsea Market, New York. 50 Top Pizza’s list of the world’s 100 best pizza restaurants, which will be revealed at a ceremony on September 13 in Naples, will automatically include the top 15 spots. That gives pizza fans less than three months to try the best pizza in the United States before they have to move on to the best slices in the world.

Look at the full list of the top 50 pizzerias in the US below.

  1. Una Pizza Napoletana – New York
  2. Razza Pizza Artigianale – Jersey City
  3. Ken’s Artisan Pizza – Portland
  4. Tony’s Pizza Napoletana – San Francisco
  5. Pizzeria Bianco – Phoenix
  6. Ribalta – New York
  7. 0′ Munaciello – Miami
  8. Jay’s Artisan Pizzeria – Kenmore
  9. Song’ E Napule – New York
  10. Kesté – New York
  11. La Leggenda Pizzeria – Miami
  12. Pasquale’s Pizzeria Napoletana – South Kingstown
  13. Ops – Brooklyn
  14. Spacca Napoli Pizzeria – Chicago
  15. Fabrica Pizza – Tampa
  16. Partenope Ristorante – Dallas
  17. Pizza Secret – New York
  18. Pizza Rock – Las Vegas
  19. Pizzeria Sei – Los Angeles
  20. Apizza Scholls – Portland
  21. Flour House – San Luis Obispo
  22. Mission Pizza Napoletana – Winston – Salem
  23. Inferno Pizzeria Napoletana – Darnestown
  24. Il Forno – San Antonio
  25. Coals Artisan Pizza – Louisville
  26. Nardò Italian Restaurant – Huntington Beach
  27. Robert’s Pizza and Dough Company – Chicago
  28. Bricco Coal Fired Pizza – Haddon Township
  29. Nostrana – Portland
  30. Craft 64 – Scottsdale
  31. Spark Pizza – Redmond
  32. San Matteo – Pizzeria e Cucina – New York
  33. A 16 – San Francisco
  34. Salsa – New York
  35. Antico Pizza Napoletana – Atlanta
  36. Tribute Pizza – San Diego
  37. Don Antonio – New York
  38. Zeneli – New Haven
  39. Pizza Delicious – New Orleans
  40. PizzElla – Miami Beach
  41. Slice & Pie – Washington
  42. Pasquale Jones – New York
  43. Basil & Barley Pizzeria Napoletana – Colorado Springs
  44. Pomo – Scottsdale
  45. Oven & Tap – Bentonville
  46. Angelina’s Pizzeria Napoletana – Irvine
  47. Posto – Somerville
  48. A Modo Mio – Arlington
  49. Yellow Moto Pizzeria – San Francisco
  50. 786 Degrees – Los Angeles
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