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George Dfouni Reveals How to Be a Successful Leader



George Dfouni Reveals How to Be a Successful Leader

As we gain experience, build businesses, and earn responsibilities, we have no choice but to increase our leadership skills. Every organization needs a leader to direct the charge for successful execution. But how can you be a good leader?

You might be eager to lead or you might be reluctant. But everyone who is faced with influence has to decide what kind of leader they will be.

The best leaders serve others. Servant leadership inspires more people, gains more influence, and respect, which all turn into a successful leadership model. 

Put People First

When we think of serving others, we might think of being polite or asking how we can help. But we have the opportunity to dig into a deeper level of leadership that puts people first.

This means knowing each person’s short and long-term goals for their life (with and without the company in the picture). You support them. You listen to them. People feel valued at the company and they feel you care for them.

This practice creates a vibrant workplace for great results.

Lead with a Vision

How can people follow if they don’t know where to go? Putting blinders on people doesn’t help them and it makes it harder for you to lead. One-step-ahead leadership produces an insecure work environment, not knowing the main goal of the company.

By being transparent and sharing the vision, people know what you plan on doing. They too get inspired and take a sense of ownership. If leaders position their vision as a WHY, or a big-picture mission, employees will take it to heart.

For example, if a brand sells mattresses, they aren’t selling better sleep. They are giving people much-needed rest so that they can wake up, conquer their world, and give their full self to their families and careers. That’s something people can believe in and feel like they make an impact. 

Lead like a Teacher

As leaders, we often say things and hope others understand them well enough to implement them. If you have ever taught a class or group, you know this usually doesn’t work.

Lead like a teacher by teaching or sharing the information, then show them how to do it, then do it together, and ultimately, give them the freedom to do it themselves. Provide feedback to improve and reinforce their effort.

Give Away Authority 

Delegation can mean a lot of things. You delegate too little and get overwhelmed. You delegate too much and seem to lose control. You are too hands-off in management or too hands-on. It’s a balance that is hard to get right.

Instead of delegation, think in authority. Don’t give away roles. Give people full reign over their responsibilities within the boundaries you set.

You have a team that was chosen for a reason. When you lay out guidelines and establish clear expectations, let them run with the mission, using their creative and innovative ways to solve and execute the project. 

 They will take ownership of it and treat the responsibilities given to them as their own. 

George Dfouni truly believes Leadership is about people. When we put this at the center of everything, we can be successful leaders. 

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