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Girls’ Day 2020: Google Doodle celebrates Doll’s Day of Japan




Google Doodle celebrates Japan’s Girls’ Day 2020, otherwise called Doll’s Day or Hinamatsuri, an annual festival of girls in Japan on March 3. On the third day of the third month consistently, this hundreds of years old tradition is an opportunity to get dressed up and honor the joy and health of girls in Japan.

Girl’s Day was a South Korean girl group formed by Dream T Entertainment in 2010. The group’s latest lineup comprised of individuals Sojin, Minah, Yura, and Hyeri. Individuals Jisun and Jiin authoritatively left the group in 2010, while Jihae left in late 2012.

As the peach trees begin to blossom, numerous families set out ornate dolls dedicated to their young daughters. These dolls are accepted to avert insidious spirits while bringing favorable luck and prosperity. A few guardians and children dress these puppets in the customary kimonos of the Heian Period (794-1185) and show them on layered platforms with ceremonial red carpet.

The roots of this tradition started with expanding arrays that are intended to represent a wedding parade of the Heian royal court. Traditionally, dolls representing an Emperor and Empress—like those delineated in the Doodle artwork—sit at the top of these presentations and are illustrative of their roles in Japanese history and culture. Beneath the Emperor and Empress dolls, otherwise called the obina (male doll) and mebina (female doll), are other beautifying dolls that represent individuals from the Heian-period court.

Arranged by release, the group’s greatest hits incorporate “Twinkle Twinkle”, “Hug Me Once”, “Expect”, “Something”, “Darling”, and “Ring My Bell”, all of which have sold more than one million digital copies each.

Over the span of their career, Girl’s Day has supported more than 20 brands, including LG Electronics, Ezaki Glico’s Pocky, Lotte World, Nexon, and Bullsone. Girl’s Day ranked thirteenth in Korea Power Celebrity in 2015, a list ranking Korea’s generally amazing and persuasive famous people. In 2016, the group ranked 26th, while member Hyeri ranked third.

In current times, the styles of the dolls showed have developed outside of exclusively representing the Heian timespan. Be that as it may, what has not changed throughout the years is their importance. Notwithstanding the dolls’ new styles, they stay a representation of guardians’ wishes for their children’s health and good luck.

The coastal city of Katsuura hosts one of the most astonishing Hinamatsuri celebrations, where inhabitants decorate the town with more than 30,000 dolls, the nation’s biggest Dolls’ Day display.

In 2019, the four individuals decided not to renew their agreements with Dream T Entertainment. Their last release was the EP Everyday #5 in 2017.


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