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Global Trends Relevant to South Africa in the TikTok back-to-school Playbook



Global Trends Relevant to South Africa in the TikTok back to school Playbook

TikTok wants to be a major player in influencing consumer behavior and increasing sales during the Western back-to-school season. The TikTok back-to-school Playbook, which was just released, offers useful information and trends that are mostly from the US but can be successfully modified for the South African market.

With the help of this playbook, you may interact with parents and students and turn school supply lists into fun shopping excursions.

TikTok’s impact on back-to-school shopping

In August of 2023, the month before the US school year started, TikTok witnessed over 300,000 user videos with the hashtag #BackToSchool. Parents and students are expected to use the platform more frequently in 2024 as a source of inspiration and advice. According to TikTok’s internal analytics, there has been a notable surge in videos and engagement, indicating the platform’s impact on consumer decisions.

Key trends and insights

  1. Early shopping trends:

Back-to-school shopping is started in July by 29% of US parents, and in 2024, 44% of them intend to start even earlier. To take advantage of sales and avoid last-minute crowds, early shopping can be encouraged in South Africa.

It’s a great moment for marketers to debut their advertisements because August in the US coincides with South Africa’s back-to-school season in January.

  1. Ongoing purchases: Even after the school year begins, 79% of US parents buy back-to-school supplies, with 28% buying items frequently after the season. Similar needs for clothing and school supplies are present throughout the academic year in South Africa, where this tendency is also evident.
  2. Discovery to purchase journey:

TikTok is the site of choice for discovery; 63% of US consumers locate things linked to education there. In a similar vein, parents and students in South Africa are increasingly seeking product suggestions on social media.

According to 72% of American parents, their kids have suggested products or businesses they saw on TikTok. This is a trend that is probably going to catch on in South Africa as well.

TikTok has a significant influence on shopping decisions, as evidenced by the fact that 42% of US parents have used the site to purchase education-related goods or services.

Popular categories and considerations

TikTok users are most likely to purchase office supplies, apparel, food and drink, personal care products, tech, and cosmetics as back-to-school purchases. Parents give top priority to things like pricing, product quality, promotions, reputable brands, and product reviews when they go shopping. These criteria are particularly relevant in the South African market, where quality and price are important determinants of choice. During the back-to-school season, South African customers might be successfully drawn in by brands that incorporate these elements into their marketing strategy.

Engaging content and creators

Content like product reviews, daily routines, new trends, expert advice, and tips & tricks is what users on TikTok are most interested in. Working with artists who share these passions can greatly increase brand awareness and interaction.

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