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Go deep

Instagram is a massive and rising social media site, full of book enthusiasts. Hence it can help you with your book promotion if you have a large number of followers. You might even consider taking help from a trusted auto followers app to help you grow your followers on Instagram. There are many Instagram books with tens of thousands of followers, whose moderators include books that are very popular and often reposted in attractive images. Users posted more than 29 million images with the hashtag as of this publication. For many authors, Instagram has become a powerful platform for new readers, fans and book promotion. The social media site focused on photos remains confounding for many, though, and many writers don’t even have a page.

In order to demystify Instagram, we asked popular book writers and authors who followed them to share their tips for stronger profiles, better pictures, new folks and popular book programmers to present their books. Everyone from beginners to experienced Instagrammers can use these strategies to help them develop, improve and increase their presence on the platform. We hope that this guide will enable writers and those in the literary business to draw more readers and touch their Instagram fans more.

1. What will I post?

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Posting your Instagram page with the right form of content will make your profile more interesting and appealing to followers. Based on the authors ‘and bookstagrammers’ recommendations, we have reduced the content types we will discuss into three categories that have performed well on Instagram. These are: photos of your life as an artist, sneak looks and previews of your work and photographs of books. These are great points of departure for a strong feed and get more likes

I. Photos of your life as a writer

This type of content contains images to provide an insight into your life as an author and reader behind the scenes. Two great examples are a photo of you on a book tour or interacting with the readers on a book signature. You can also think about sharing what inspires you and what you want to learn. Fans often find these insights attractive on the pages of book programmers and authors.

Sara from @massgress discussed what she loves from her authors and what she found to be with her own followers.

Readers want to know what you are reading, where you are going to bookstores and what inspires you to write. Definitely reveal your own book too, but it’s attention grabbing stuff that tells us who you are as a bibliophile. And book stacks feature! People love a good stack of books. – Sara, story wonder

In her high-performance post, she shared some of the books she read in January detailing what she “loved” and “loved” and what she believes to be “must read.”

Layer Bookstagram Library

Author R.S. john agrees that she likes to follow people on Instagram when she has “awarded insights into their lives” that can not be found anywhere else. She stressed, too, that she believes photographs are “nine times out of ten.”

Go deep. Crawl deep. Share yourself a part. Anyone can post a quote about your book, but you know only how it turned out and what makes it extra special. Have you written them while you heard the music? At your favorite café? Let your readers know! Let them know! — R.S. – R.S. Dark Dark

Gray posted this photo for New Years and expressed her thoughts and enthusiasm in the picture for 2019, providing followers with an insight into their life as a artist, mother and husband. Notice that in these posts she still presents and promotes her books (and check out the book stack!). Here you can find her entire show.

R.S. R.S. Grey blogger Goread Views

II. Sneak peeks and predictions

Sharing an insight into the process of writing or a preview of a new book are common social media tactics for Instagram. Think about posting a new story, a screenshot of a finished or advanced draft, or a view of your next book.

Helen Hoang posted this first chapter video of her latest book. The # amstaring hashtag is a humorous # amwriting game. It pleased her fans and did well in comparison with her other entries.

Sneak peak photo bookstagram

3. 3. Bookstagram Reposts

Reposting bookstagrammers images is a perfect way to make posts appealing and free of charge. You may post it on your profile if you stumble over a photo that is particularly appealing or relevant. Instagram has no built-in “rest” functionality such as Facebook posting or Twitter retweeting, so make sure to search the sites you first shared in the image or the subtitles. The Repost app makes it easy to copy photos of others while crediting the original poster. You can even take your own reading, as we will discuss in this article later.

Most recent posts by the creator Calvin Demmer are reposted photos, but he has over 5k followers and is dedicated to his comments. As can be seen on his website, Demmer signals the reposts and credits the original poster in the lower left of each repost.


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