Google Doodle celebrates the 131th birth anniversary of Abraham Valdelomar, one of the forgers of contemporary literature

On the event of the 131th anniversary of his birth, Google devoted this Friday a doodle to the Peruvian writer Abraham Valdelomar, one of the forgers of contemporary literature.

Experiencing childhood in the little seaside town of Pisco, Valdelomar moved to the capital Lima with his family at age 5, and published his first magazine while still in school .

By 1906, someone was filling in as an illustrator for Applause and Whistles magazine. While serving in the Peruvian army, he recounted the contention with Ecuador for El Diario. In 1913, he worked with the Peruvian Embassy in Rome, composing a newspaper column entitled “Chronicles of Rome.”

Abraham Valdelomar (1988-1919).

Important, clever caricaturist who composed books, stories, essays and journalistic pieces, is affectionately associated with his Creole or local stories set in his beloved Pisco. The most well known of these is El Caballero Carmelo , the tragicomic story of an old battling cock, first published in the newspaper La Nación de Lima.

In 1916, Valdelomar founded the literary magazine Colónida , which incorporated his own work and that of a new wave of youthful scholarly abilities in Peru, including the poet José María Eguren.

He passed on in 1919, at the youthful age of 31, after an accident. Today, Valdelomar’s legacy lives through his prolific writings. His picture additionally shows up in the note 50 Sol de Perú, a declaration of his position as a standout amongst the most regarded authors in the nation.


Matthew Gregor

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