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Google Doodle celebrates the 76th birthday of Mahmoud Abdel Aziz, an Egyptian mobile and TV actor



mahmoud abdel azizs 76th birthday google doodle

Google Doodle celebrates the 76th birthday of Egyptian mobile and TV actor Mahmoud Abdel Aziz (محمود عبد العزيز‎) on June 4, 2022.

Who was Mahmoud Abdel Aziz (محمود عبد العزيز)?

Mahmoud Abdel Aziz محمود عبد العزيز
Mahmoud Abdel Aziz (محمود عبد العزيز)

Mahmoud Abdel Aziz (محمود عبد العزيز‎) was born in Wardeyan, an area in Alexandria, Egypt to a middle-class family. Even though he was studying Agricultural Science at Alexandria University, he used to rehearse his acting through the university theater.

Mahmoud Abdel Aziz (محمود عبد العزيز‎) became popular for a few well-known roles in Egyptian cinema, before becoming renowned in his native Egypt and the entire region for his Egyptian devoted role in the Egyptian TV series Raafat el-Hagan.

He began his acting career by playing a role in the Al Dawama TV show during the 1970s with Nelly and Mahmoud Yacine, after which he entered the film industry for the first time through Al Hafeed an all-time Egyptian film classic. Mahmoud Abdel Aziz featured in more than 25 films during the late 1970s and mid-1980s; while his popularity was expanding dramatically, the majority of his movies at the time were categorized as romantic dramas.

Mahmoud Abdel Aziz’s acting way developed when he began taking on various roles which truly uncovered his talent. He was known to be similarly skilled at comedy and drama. The 1980s marked Mahmoud Abdel Aziz as a superstar when he featured in very successful films like El Aar (1982) and El Kef (1985), and TV series like Raafat El-Hagan (1987) which is one of the most popular works of Egyptian TV given the true story of the famous Egyptian spy Refaat Al-Gammal who was established in Israel for more than 20 years when the Six-Day War.

Mahmoud Abdel Aziz had featured in more than 100 films and he figure out how to in any case shock his audience with works like Bab El Khalk (2012) TV Series following 7 years of nonattendance from the Egyptian TV.

Mahmoud Abdel Aziz (محمود عبد العزيز‎) was married twice. First to Jelan and they had together two children, Mohamed Mahmoud Abdel Aziz, a movie producer and director, and Karim Mahmoud Abdel Aziz. After their divorce, he married the Egyptian introducer, Poussy Chalabi.

The Egyptian Actors Guild declared his death on the night of 4 November 2000.

His nephew Kato Hafez belongs to the music industry as a self-made songwriter and singer. He is notable in the Egyptian Arab metal scene.

Mahmoud Abdel Aziz (محمود عبد العزيز‎) has two children Mohamed Mahmoud Abdel Aziz a film producer and director; and Kareem Mahmoud Abdel Aziz.

On June 4, 2022, Google featured a Doodle on its homepage for celebrating Mahmoud Abdel Aziz’s 76th Birthday.

Today, his beloved films keep on keeping watchers at the edge of their seats. Happy birthday, Mahmoud Abdel Aziz! You are recognized as one of the best Egyptian actors of all time.

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