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Google Doodle celebrates the Lampang Rooster Bowl, the durable kitchenware



Celebrating the Lampang Rooster Bowl Google Doodle

Google Doodle celebrates the notorious Lampang Rooster Bowl (鸡公碗, 雞公碗, 鷄公碗; ชามตราไก่), a traditional tableware design including a black-tailed rooster with peony flowers and banana leaves, on September 12, 2022.

Lampang Rooster Bowl

This durable kitchenware ‘Lampang Rooster Bowl’ is so famous in Asia that the Thai government registered the rooster bowl as a Geographical Indication product of Lampang on this day in 2013. This implies international trade law avows the quality and reputation of rooster bowls made in the region!

The rooster bowl was imported to Thailand from China. In the original artwork, the rooster represented hard work while the banana leaf and red peony represented dreams of good fortune.

Before World War II, Chinese merchants in Song Wat Road, Bangkok, ordered rooster bowls to sell because at that time, they were extremely modest. During the Chinese-Japanese War, they were in short supply and the costs were rising; hence, Thailand had the first manufacturer of rooster bowls.

The first factory was in the Ratchathewi district, Bangkok by Hakka individuals. At the point when the war ended, the entrepreneurs created more bowls because the characteristics of the bowl were reasonable for eating with chopsticks. Afterward, Thai individuals began using the bowl since noodles have been regularly served in this kind of food bowl because of their very stable features.

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Around 1957, Chinese individuals in Thailand moved to set up a factory and furnace in the Lampang region in light of the availability of kaolin that is generally suitable for creating rooster bowls in Chae-Hom District, Lampang.

In 1957, entrepreneurs opened numerous rooster kitchenware factories in Thailand’s Lampang region. The district, teeming with clay minerals, was more suited for ceramic manufacturing.

As Lampang started efficiently manufacturing tableware with rooster designs, the bowl became one of the region’s best-selling products—bringing financial stability and freedom to Lampang’s local people.

Even though Lampang keeps on manufacturing rooster bowls today, few factories can afford to design rooster bowls as indicated by the traditional style and material, causing the original hand-painted rooster bowls to become an intriguing collector’s item.

In 1962, the fabricates began involving the method of burning bowls for one time and modifying the pattern to be the green rooster with a blue tail with pink flowers to lessen the detail. It is extremely famous in the market as a result of the efficiency and toughness of the bowl.

In 1963 this factory turned to producing Japanese crockery. Presently Lampang is the only one region that keeps on producing the bowls, however, it is hard to track down the artisans that keep the original style, and the colors used for drawing the rooster are costly. In this way, individuals begin to gather and purchase the original rooster bowls, making rooster bowl costs rise on account of the rarity.

The rooster bowl has been registered as a Geographical Indication (GI) product of Lampang, Thailand.

The rooster bowl started in China over a hundred years ago by Hakka individuals in Guangdong Province.

Over 60 years ago, a rooster bowl factory was established by Chinese immigrants in Lampang. The white clay bowl, with a rooster, peony flower and banana tree hand-painted on its side, sold well and has become broadly used in restaurants and Thai-Chinese households.

Along the way, rooster-bowl production formed into a significant industry in Lampang, already host to pottery and ceramic factories because of the availability of kaolinite.

Today, Lampang has around 200 factories that make rooster bowls. The rooster bowl has become a symbol of the area, and chicken patterns enhance the road signs, bridges, and different significant structures in the province.

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