Google Doodle celebrates Wangdee Nima (Wang Tae)’s 96th birthday

Google Doodle celebrates the 96th birthday of Thai musician Wangdee Nima (หวังดีนิมา), known by his stage name Wang Tae (วังแต้) on March 2, 2021.

Who was Wangdee “Wang Tae” Nima?

Wangdee Nima Wang Tae
Wangdee Nima (Wang Tae)

Wang Tae (วังแต้), whose real name was Wang Dee Nima (หวังดีนิมา), was born on March 2, 1925, in Pathum Thani Province. He was a performer tenderly known by his stage name Wang Tae.

As a child, Wangdee Nima became an expert in Lam Tad, a style of music that began in his home region. This well-known folk song genre brings groups of men and women together to substitute singing improvised clever lyrics to evoke laughs from the crowd, all set against the background of musical instruments like the Klong Ramana, a traditional Thai hand drum.

Being a Muslim was a folk song artist with special expertise in song Lam-Khat. He established the diamond group. “Wang Tae” had been performing for more than 40 years until the name of Wang Tae.

Wangdee Nima (หวังดีนิมา) became a symbol of Lamkik. He was an artist who makes and acquires folk performances with incredible pride in his ability, knowledge, eloquence, capacity to improvise and compose great words with an emphasis on aesthetics.

Wang Tae (วังแต้) acquired a love for music from his parents, both of whom were performers of traditional Thai folk genres.

Wang Tae soon established his own troupe, eponymously called “Lam Tat Wang Tae” which procured him national recognition and widespread consideration.

Wangdee Nima (หวังดีนิมา) was popular for his clever lyrics, and his tricky utilization of his accomplice has made Wang De a true master of the Thai language, whose clever exhibition has brought smiles to the faces of audiences across Thailand for very nearly 40 years.

The excellence of language Wangdee Nima had faithfully used the talent and the art of performing the equitable individuals. He was determined to preserve, transfer, and disseminate the art of performing chicks to people in the future. To carry on the Thai heritage as a national identity Wang Tae was honored as National artist Performing Arts (Folk song) of the year 1988.

In 1988, Wang Tae (วังแต้) was named a National Artist of Thailand, an annual prize awarded by the National Culture Commission of Thailand to the country’s most prestigious performing artists.

Toward the finish of his life got sick with liver cancer. In July 2011, Wangdee Nima was admitted to Bumrungrad International Hospital until June 26, 2012. He died at 87 years of age.

On March 2nd, 2021, Google celebrates Wangdee Nima (Wang Tae)’s 96th Birthday with a Google Doodle.

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