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Google Messages would now be able to recommend including a calendar event when you’re messaging



Google Messages would now be able to recommend including a calendar event when youre messaging 1

Google seems, by all accounts, to be adding more contextual recommendations while chatting through its stock Messages app. The application as of now offers Assistant suggestions and smart replies, and the freshest feature is designed for efficiency.

The application would already be able to present stickers, Assistant proposals, smart answers, and a few activities while you’re conversing with your contacts, and it’s that latter ability that is by all accounts extending. Among the new activities, Messages would now be able to propose adding a calendar event when you raise a particular time and date during a chat.

As per Android Police, Google Messages currently recommends adding a calendar event while chatting with companions or family (or colleagues). The new recommendations are made when one client proposes a time and date to meet.

You can begin seeing these proposals by enabling “Suggested actions” in Messages, which is in your phone’s settings. When you press on the “create event” button, Google Calendar will popup with data pre-filled. The event will likewise include a little note saying, “This event was created from a message.”

The feature is positively a helpful efficient device, however, it’s not the only new smart activity we’ve spotted. The Messages app as of now shows a few model pills of these in its settings menu, and we’ve gone over the location sharing and ongoing photograph attachment suggestions previously. In any case, we think the “Haha GIFs” and “Start video call” ones are new (none of us have experienced them previously), however triggering the latter took a lot of attempts. Ultimately, it was a particularly whimsical wording that got the pill to pop up, demonstrating the robots aren’t too smart yet.

Android Police said other new proposed activities are showing up in Messages, yet they don’t seem to work reliably. One apparent proposal could permit clients to rapidly begin a video call when the application perceives the words “video call.” There’s another recommended activity that will search GIFs dependent on specific keywords.

The new proposals are purportedly appearing for certain individuals on Messages form 7.2.203 and 7.2.204 beta of Messages, anyway they don’t appear to be accessible to everybody. Shockingly, the new features don’t seem, by all accounts, to be accessible to everybody, regardless of whether you’re using the versions listed above.

Google has been turning out cool new features to Messages over the past few months. The organization as of late began revealing a feature that allows you to order your discussions, while it likewise started testing a scheduling option. The last latter feature works like scheduling an email and will allow you to send a message at a specified time.

Then, Google Messages has likewise started indicating emoji chat reactions for RCS conversations, so there are a lot of new features to make the platform additionally exciting to use.

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